8 Cat Breeds That Actually Like Water

Could It Be?

Despite popular belief, not all cats hate water! Surprisingly, some kitties not only tolerate water but actually love it. Some wild cats such as tigers and jaguars are avid swimmers by nature, but many domestic cat breeds also enjoy getting wet from time to time.  

Why Do Most Cats Hate Water? 

Many cats not only dislike water but are in fact terrified by it. Considering our canine friends take great pleasure in splashing around, why is this not the case with most domesticated felines? Well, there are a few theories around why cats aren't too fond of water. 

One belief links to the history of our feline friends. As the species evolved in dry, desert-like climates, they had very exposure to lakes, rivers, oceans, or water in the masses. Therefore, this unfamiliarity scares them and causes them to steer clear of the strange unknown.  

Another theory suggests that kitties do not like the sensation of wet fur. Once their fur gets wet, it can weigh them down, feel extremely uncomfortable and taxing. Fur can take a long time to dry, and disrupt their self-grooming routine. This can also cause issues with retaining body heat so an evolutionary aversion would seem only natural for survival.

Of course, the way a cat gets exposed to water plays a role too. Many cats are intrigued by a running tap and may even play with it by sticking their paw or head in. However, if you dunk a kitty into a bathtub or bucket of water, it will send them into an instant state of shock and fear as they're no longer in control. 

Which Cat Breeds Like Water? 

There are surprisingly quite a few cat breeds that are known to be fond of water. Here are eight breeds that love to splish and splash!

1.Maine Coon 

Maine Coon cat that likes water

The Maine Coon is the largest of all domestic cat breeds. Their thick, heavy coat not only helps them to stay extra warm in freezing climates but it is water-repellent too. 

This means they stay fairly warm and dry when splashing around and don’t feel uncomfortable like other breeds do.  

This is one reason why Maine Coons like water and actually enjoy swimming. Another reason they don’t fear getting wet could be down to their long history working as pest control aboard ships. 


Bengal cat that likes water

The much loved Bengal cat is a cross between a domestic feline (usually a spotted Egyptian Mau) and an Asian leopard cat. This hybrid results in a unique and exotic looking kitty without a wild cat’s size and instincts.  

As well as being smart and highly active, Bengals are known to be lovers of water. They will regularly dip their paws in their water bowls and are amazed by anything that floats, even something as simple as an ice cube!  

3.Turkish Angora 

Turkish Angora cat that likes water

The beautiful Turkish Angora boasts a silky smooth coat, and many have multi-colored eyes, known as heterochromia.

Despite their cuddliness and soft look, Turkish Angoras are strong and agile creatures who display excellent climbing skills. 

These big fur babies love to play and get bored very easily if kept inside. This tendency could be why they are so intrigued by water. 

Their playful nature means they will dart towards the sound of running water and splash around in puddles outside. These intelligent felines are one of the only few cat breeds that can adapt to learning tricks. 

Moreover, they can also teach themselves to do things such as turn on the kitchen tap if they know it'll lead to something that will entertain them! 

4.Japanese Bobtail 

Japanese Bobtail cat that likes water

With their quirky ‘bunny style’ tails, these short-haired cats show almost no fear when it comes to playing around with water. Although they’re not likely to go for a swim, they love to splash their paws in the water dish, sink, and even the toilet! 

Like Turkish Angoras, Japanese Bobtail cats are incredibly playful and very easy to train. 

They will happily play fetch and other games with their owners but hate to be left alone. In some ways, these felines can act more like dogs than kitties, especially when it comes to their aquatic curiosity.  


Manx cat that loves water

Another cat breed that shares many similarities to pups is the Manx. Unlike most kitties, Manx cats are great to travel with as they are adventurous and much less likely to feel anxious. 

Furthermore, this breed is all about play and can even adapt to simple games such as fetch!

The Manx breed originates from the Isle of Man. Many have a shortened tail, caused by a genetic mutation, and they have a very rounded form. 

Coming from a small island surrounded by the sea could be the reason why these island kitties are so comfortable and adventurous around water. They've been known to go for a quick paddle if the mood strikes!

6.Norwegian Forest Cat 

Norwegian Forest Cat that loves water

The Norwegian Forest cat is a beautiful large cat breed with thick, water-repellent fur and a dense undercoat that keeps them warm, dry, and comfortable. 

These giant kitties are excellent hunters, frequently catching birds and rodents if they're outdoors. 

Moreover, they are not scared to jump in a pond to grab a fish for their dinner. A cat of many talents, the Norwegian Forest cat loves to climb and will go as high as they can and then jump down with no hesitation whatsoever.  

Some might say that they're not necessarily "in love" with the water but more or less just have no fear when it comes to getting wet. 

7.Turkish Van

Turkish Van cat that loves water

The Turkish Van kitty originates from Turkey’s Lake Van region, meaning these felines are no strangers to the water. 

The Turkish Van is a true lake cat with a love for swimming. Their water-repellent coat keeps their thick fur from soaking up so they're almost always dry. 

Along with being impressive little swimmers, Turkish Van kitties are superb at climbing and jumping too. Domestic Turkish Vans do not come across the vast amount of water as their wild siblings do. However, they will still show interest in any water source in the home, garden, or anywhere else they can spot it.  

8.American Bobtail 

American Bobtail cat that loves water

Just like the Japanese Bobtails, American Bobtail cats display many dog-like behaviors such as playing fetch, enjoying walks on a leash, and of course, playing in the water! 

These guys are one of the most social cat breeds, and they crave constant attention from their owners. Moreover, they never seem to run out of energy and love to explore their surroundings without fear!

How does your fur baby feel about water? Do they love to dip their paw in the water bowl or play with a running tap? Or, perhaps they find it terrifying, and even the sound of a tap sends them scurrying? Either way, cats are fascinating little creatures with a multitude of interests. The more we learn about them, the more we realize just how uniquely enchanting they can be!