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At ChillX, our aim is to ease the day to day for cat owners by putting in the work so you won't have to!

The AutoEgg self-cleaning litter box keeps your cat's litter looking clean and clump-free all while keeping you up to date on your cat's health data. With a safe and silent 70-degree cleaning rake, our system goes to work after just 5 minutes of your cat's bathroom trip.

The AutoEgg swiftly traps waste in a separate compartment leaving you with a dust and odor-free clean. So chill, we've got this one!

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Will definitely repurchase.

I mean yes I can use a regular trash bag but these are so much better. More durable and perfect size. We change the litter box every 2-3 weeks so the ChillX bag pack will last a while. Will definitely repurchase.

Worth the 400 bucks

I love, love, love my Auto Egg! Not only that it keeps my cats box clean but it’s super easy to empty and save me so much time to having to scoop their litter box everyday. It makes my life easier and my cats happier!


When I open it, the lid is cracked. I have to reach out to them to get a replacement. The replacement is free though.

My mom loves it

Bought it for my mom who got 2 new kitties! doesnt even have names for them yet! i named them mish mash and bones clone lol. Anyways my mom loves it

Just as happy as with new

I’m just as happy with the reconditioned unit as I would have been with the new, saved cash and it’s still under warranty.