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At ChillX, our aim is to ease the day to day for cat owners by putting in the work so you won't have to!

The AutoEgg self-cleaning litter box keeps your cat's litter looking clean and clump-free all while keeping you up to date on your cat's health data. With a safe and silent 70-degree cleaning rake, our system goes to work after just 5 minutes of your cat's bathroom trip.

The AutoEgg swiftly traps waste in a separate compartment leaving you with a dust and odor-free clean. So chill, we've got this one!

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Here we'll walk you through our step by step setup process and give you some essential tips to get the most out of your AutoEgg.

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my cat love it. she watches it clean when it cleans

my cat love it. she watches it clean when it cleans

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Everyone should buy an Auto Egg

I'm not contributing

The Auto Egg has made things so much easier! I can feel better knowing that I'm not contributing to further damage to the environment, plus I don't have to mess with my cat's waste at all anymore.

Same day shipping

We got same day shipping on this product as our fury friends were arriving the next day so it was a god send for us and our cats love it

Glad about this

It seems to be fairly easy to use and it was.