Quick Start Guide

Thank you for choosing the ChillX AutoEgg self-cleaning litter box!

We're so happy to have you on this journey with us, welcome to the ChillX family! Here are a few things that you should know about your new automatic litter box, like setup and how the automatic cleaning works. 

As part of our company wide green initiative to move towards a paperless practice we now include our quick start guide and user manual in digital!

Let's get started! 

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Getting Started with your New ChillX AutoEgg

Purrfect Fit Questions

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Send us a message via Facebook Messenger (facebook.com/chillx.co) or at support@chillx.co, or even look though our very robust and searchable FAQ here!

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1719 reviews
Might by a 2nd one

Love it and I'm thinking of buying a second one, GET BACK IN STOCK SOON!

UTI concerned

Cats have clean litter consistently which helps keep them healthy especially if they're prone to UTIs. Auto Egg makes using clean easy

Going 15th strong


Don't bat an eye

If scooping the litter box out daily is difficult for you the Auto Egg will change that. I gave the item 5 stars because there are countless pros to the machine and just 1 or 2 minor issues that only OCD people like me would notice; Regular people wouldn't even bat an eye.

Best around

On the expensive side but get what you pay for here. They are cheaper than some competitors and for me are the best around. The bags are 100% biodegradable and the material used is clearly high-end. With previous liner bags, I've had problems with them snapping or holes developing when taking them out but no such issues here as the material is thicker and of a great quality. They also smell good and are the perfect size needed. I've been using them for a few months and will carry on doing so as they are the premium product out there. You can also save money with the great deal ChillX offers by bundling together the liner bags at the time you buy the AutoEgg.