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These litter liners make cleanup of the litter box easy, which I really like! But the cats don't like them much haha but they'll get use to it

This works great.

This works great. Our cats track little crystals out side the pan and I wish it wasn’t quit so big. And those 2 things can’t be helped. Otherwise this is great! Absolutely no odor even immediately after cat “goes”. Easy to change the disposable liners. I keep a small whisk broom on top of it and taught the cat to sweep up the crystals after she uses it.

Use it

No smell and clean up using the Auto Egg

It works and it is AMAZING. I can't believe it.

It works and it is AMAZING. I can't believe it.

The scooper

The scooper gets poop all over it and you have to clean and sanitize it every time you change the litter (did I mention that is all the time!) That's bad for a great designed product overall. Chill X should make it more powerful maybe?