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Better packaging

The packaging is well designed and is better than the rest.

Trying to help

These bags are be big enough to handle throwing out a litter box full of litter. I love how Chill X is trying to help the world.


I wanted to line the plastic disposable trays that come with the with my automatic box. They are too small. Guess they only work for the Auto Egg?

Beware no money back guarantee

I bought the refurbished Autoegg. Yes I got the something pretty comparable to a new one, I could see minimal wear and tear on some of the plastic surfaces but worked okay. However the bad thing was my landlord found out about our cat and we had to give it up, and couldn't return it because refurbs have no money back guarantee!


The fact that these waste drawers are 100% biodegradable are such a plus. On top of that they're the perfect size.