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Post a captioned picture on Instagram or Facebook! Use the hashtags #chillx #litterbox #catowner and get 2 additional rolls of our 100% biodegradable liners fur FREE! (Your post must include the following for eligibility: must be tagged, your post must include a clear image of the AutoEgg with our logo, your post must be public/on a public profile, the post must be at least 2 weeks old to qualify. You must also be a U.S. resident only).

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Let the world hear just how purrfect your new AutoEgg is! Post a 3 min+ video review and get a $30 cash rebate!

Your review must include the following for eligibility: Must in be relation to a NEW AutoEgg unit (Reconditioned units are not eligible for this rebate), must be tagged, your video must be public/on a public profile, your video must be at least 3 minutes in length and at least 2 weeks old, and you must include the opening prompt "My favorite features for the ChillX AutoEgg are _____". Have fun and keep it positive!

*Please send the link to your post(s) as well as your order number to to receive your liner and/or cash rebate directly to your original payment method. ChillX reserves the right to repost and repurpose any participating images, videos, and review style content as it relates to this rebate program. ChillX also reserves the right to invalidate rebate efforts that are non compliant with our rebate rules and regulations.

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3038 reviews

The best litter box I have every bought. I should've bought a new one instead of a reconditioned one the first time tho. Glad I bought new now

Must buy. Buy now

The shipping and price of this product is everything. A must buy.

3x Better

I use to have a Litter Robot but AutoEgg is 3x better than that! Yep!

Buy it

Really liked it. Great if traveling. Easy clean up, just buy it


This is a cool idea, especially for traveling. Easy to put together too. My only criticism is the size is too small.

Easy setup

I like how easy the setup and disposal of the box are.

So much easier

I've been using this self cleaning litter box for a few weeks now and I really don't know how I lived without it!! Sooo much easier than the old litter box.

Set up

I set up the self cleaning litter box at my Mom's house for her indoor/outdoor kitty. It was very easy to set up and the litter really controlled odor well. This would be great for travel, especially if staying in a hotel room. Every cat lover should get one.

Thank god

My cats Mickey and Daisy were just as happy with this box as any other but the best part is the ease of cleanup. No tracking, no smell and I will be using it. Thank god I found this litter box

Odor and design

Perfect odor control. The egg shape sides keep the cat litter in the box and not all over the floor. The top of the box is so well designed and is the perfect disposable option