6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get An Automatic Litter Box

Stay Clear & Stay Scooping!

So, you're feeling wary about buying an automatic litter box for your fur baby? We're almost certain you're on the prowl for someone or some article to help validate that decision to forgo an automatic option. 

There’s no way an expensive high-tech litter box that scoops and cleans your cat’s waste can make that much of a difference, right? Additionally, your cat probably isn't feeling all too picky between a traditional unit vs a fancy automatic one, nor could they tell the difference in cleanliness. 

When it comes to skepticism, we’ve heard it all (seriously). We can't blame you for feeling hesitant to leap into the world of pet tech if scooping your traditional unit feels just fine on the daily. So if you're looking for a few reasons NOT to buy an automatic litter box, we've got em!

1) You Wouldn't Be Able To Enjoy The Delights Of Scooping!

If you look forward to scooping your cat’s litter box when you come home from work each day, then steer clear of automatic litter boxes altogether. This strange robotic device will beat you to the punch every time! I mean, how can you compete with something that's scooping 4+ times a day? Madness!

The AutoEgg is out here scooping for you every morning and every night. How exactly is someone who enjoys the wonders of scooping their cats poop supposed to adhere to any kind of scoop schedule with this kind of consistency!? Ditch the machine and let those hands get to work!

2) You Won't Be Able To Do Everything For Your Cat Anymore 

An automatic litter box is an imposter that comes into your home and starts taking care of your cat. How dare it?! If you want to be the one to do EVERYTHING for your precious fur baby because, well, it’s YOUR kitty, then an automatic litter box just isn’t for you.

However, suppose you appreciate something that can take a load off your busy schedule, clean up your kitty’s poop, and monitor your cat’s health. In that case, you might see an automatic litter box as ... kinda helpful I guess.

3) Don't Let Your Home Lose Its Signature Cat Poop Aroma! 

After years of manual scooping, I’m sure you’ve become accustomed to the ever-present cat poop odors drifting through the air. Perhaps, the smell is somewhat comforting to you, serving as a regular reminder that you have a loving fur baby to come home to every day. We get it; once you get used to something, it can be hard to change!

With an automatic litter box, there's just no way to ensure that you'll be able to keep that signature scent in your home as the cleaning process often traps waste and conceals dust and odors.

But here’s the truth. Even if the smell of cat waste doesn’t bother you, I’m not quite convinced your guests would say the same thing. If you don’t get an automatic litter box for you or your fur baby's nose, at least do it for your friends and family who are obliged to breathe your air.

4) You Might Miss Those Little "Presents" Your Kitty Leaves Around The House

We all know when a cat poops outside the litter box, it’s a present made just for its owner. It’s certainly not your feline telling you how distressed they are by the overflowing smelly litter box, oh no no. 

Buying an automatic litter box for your cat is a sure way to put an end to these ‘gifts.’ Why would your cat need to poop on the carpet or kitchen floor when they have a spotless litter box ready to massacre?

Talking about presents, the intelligent design of an automatic litter box means your kitty can’t bring litter granules to you in bed anymore too. The enclosed hood and tracking step of the AutoEgg will catch and retain any piece of litter your cat wants to bring out of the box to put on the floor, sofa, and even your pillow!

5) You're Totally Gonna Get Bored With All That Extra Free Time!

When you’ve gotten used to dedicating your days to being your feline’s litter box slave, you won’t know what to do with yourself once your new automatic litter box arrives! You’ll feel so lost and bored that you may experience some sort of crisis without the regimen of having to tend to an unclean litter box every few hours.

No one needs that kind of personal time, especially not with a kitty to attend to! You'd be much better off stick with that traditional litter tray to make sure your schedule stays packed and busy on the daily. That way you can make sure you've always got a task to fill your time while caring for your kitty!

6) You're No Longer Gonna Have A Great Excuse To Get Out Of Stuff

No one can make you feel bad for declining an invitation for an overnight trip or a weekend away when you have a cat to look after! However, when people know you have a self-cleaning litter box at home, your excuses will start to come into question!

Upgrading to an automatic litter box can mean that you have to start going out more. You’ll find you can no longer get out of a weekend with the in-laws with your tried and tested line, “Who is going to take care of and clean the cat’s litter?” This is a real disadvantage of having a high-tech litter box doing all the dirty work for you, but here’s an idea; keep it a secret, then they’re none the wiser!

So You're Still Not Convinced You Shouldn't Buy An Automatic Litter Box?

I mean what more can we give you! By now you must know that upgrading your bulky traditional litter tray to a compact automatic unit is just a recipe for disaster.

If you want to continue scooping poop, sweeping up tracked litter granules, and spraying air freshener day in and day out then you definitely need to steer clear of anything like the AutoEgg. In fact, don't even check out their homepage here to learn more about it, stay strong and stay scooping folks!