An Owner’s Guide To Taking A Weekend Off - AutoEgg Edition

Weekends Without Worry! 

When you take on a cat, you take on a huge responsibility (no news to you). This means you’ll no longer have the same freedoms you had prior to becoming a cat Mom or Dad. 

While it’s true that cats are much more independent than dogs and require less attention and effort, you still can’t leave your kitty to fend for itself while you go away for a week on vacation.

However, looking after a cat doesn’t mean you'll never leave the house for extended periods. Pet sitters and catteries provide helpful ways to travel and take vacations while keeping an eye on your kitty and their well-being. Furthermore, if you plan to go away for the weekend or stay somewhere overnight, it may be possible to leave your cat at home with the help of an automatic litter box.

How Long Can You Leave A Cat Alone For?

How long you can leave your cat alone depends on their age and their overall health. In general, vets say it’s okay to leave a healthy adult cat alone for 24 or so hours at a time (assuming they have adequate access to both food and water). 

However, this is only the case if they are in a safe environment with a clean litter box and enough sustenance to last them the 24 hours. Additionally, you should always feed your kitty a substantial meal before going and leave dry food out for them in case they get hungry. Although they might not be happy to go this long without a proper meal, it’s not dangerous for their health.


Kittens are much more vulnerable and need regular feedings, so they should not be left alone for very long. You should not leave a kitten younger than four months for more than a few hours. Older kittens, six months and above can usually handle up to eight hours or so alone. 

Seniors/Cats With Health Issues

Elderly cats and those with medical conditions are more sensitive to changes in their routine than younger felines. They may require regular medication or extra feedings as well. Because of this, you shouldn’t leave a senior cat alone overnight.

Do Automatic Cat Products Allow You To Leave Your Cat Alone For Longer?

Using automated pet products that look after your kitty’s needs may allow your cat to stay on its own for much longer depending on its needs. These helpful devices can let you go away for a weekend without stressing your kitty out by taking them to a cattery or pet hotel for a 48-hour stay. 

Even so, cats need human interaction, and many can become lonely when left on their own if they aren't a part of a bonded pair. Aside from this, electronic products can also malfunction. Therefore, it’s always best to ask a neighbor or friend to check in on your fur baby at least once during the weekend trip to ensure they have everything they need.

How To Prepare For A Weekend Away

Here are some automatic cat products that will help you take a weekend away. Be sure to introduce and acclimate your cat to the devices beforehand so they are familiar with them and the sudden shift to their routine doesn't shock them. 

Automatic Litter Boxes

While you could put down extra litter boxes for the occasion, doing so will guarantee a smelly and messy home to return to! Using an automatic litter box like the AutoEgg will give your kitty a spotless place to do its business by self-cleaning each time they use it. 

Self-cleaning litter boxes are also superb at eliminating cat odors and keeping your home clean. After the AutoEgg rakes through the litter and scoops the waste, it sifts it in the tightly sealed waste compartment that your kitty cannot access. The waste can stay in this drawer until full without any nasty smells seeping out. 

The hooded, enclosed design of the AutoEgg and its cellular tracking step will minimize litter mess around the box. Unlike traditional litter boxes, with a self-cleaning version, you can rest assured that you won’t return home with more litter on the floor than in the box!

The waste compartment can hold up to one week’s worth of waste. Therefore, if you empty the drawer before leaving, you’ll be good for the weekend. Likewise, we recommend topping up the litter to the fill line markers beforehand too. This will ensure the AutoEgg works as effectively as possible while you are away.

Smart Feeders

A smart feeder releases portioned dry food at pre-set times. This allows you to control how much your cat eats and stops your kitty from eating a day’s worth of kibble in just 5 minutes! The food is stored in a fully concealed compartment to keep it fresh and prevent ants from getting to it. The ability to choose when it releases food allows you to maintain your cats feeding schedule and not disrupt their much-loved routine. 

With some automatic food dispensers, you can record a message to play to your fur baby just before the food releases. Other models are app-controlled, so you can check that it’s working okay from your phone no matter where you are.

Water Dispensers 

Water can become stale when left out in bowls for a long time. This can cause your cat to stop drinking it, leading to dehydration. A water dispenser works as a fountain, releasing a flowing stream of fresh water. They utilize a circulating filtration system to purify the water and remove hair, dirt, and food particles, keeping it clean. Moreover, most kitties love the running water style. It not only encourages them to drink more, but it can serve as a fun game too. 

Pet Cams

If you feel anxious to leave your fur child alone for the weekend, it could be worth setting up a pet camera. With this high-tech gadget, you can keep an eye on your kitty by using an app to see them in real-time. Some of the more advanced versions even let you speak directly to your feline. If your cat is anxious when alone, hearing your voice can bring them great comfort. 

Keeping Your Kitty Occupied

Cats can get bored on their own, so be sure to leave enough toys, games, and cat towers around to keep them occupied and take their mind off wondering where you are. One of our favorites is an electronic LED laser ball that shoots lasers in different directions. This is particularly beneficial for felines who would usually go outside, as it sparks your cat’s natural hunting instinct. 

Another idea is to hide treats around the house before you leave. This will occupy your cat and provide many moments of happy surprises for them. Whichever style of toys you opt for, be sure to leave a sufficient amount of entertainment around.

Our Safety Considerations

All cats are different, and not all felines cope well with being left alone for this long. As their owner, it’s your responsibility to determine whether leaving your cat alone for a weekend will negatively impact their wellbeing. 

Following the above guidelines can minimize potential stress, but some cats will still need someone to come and be with them. If you do decide to leave your cat alone, make sure it’s a safe and short departure when doing so and they are well accommodated to handle your absence.