Are Automatic Litter Boxes The Way Of The Future?

Moving Pet Care Forward

In 2021 no cat owner should have to spend their time scooping out a dirty litter box. Thanks to an abundance of innovation and available options in the automatic litter box space you won't have to. Models such as the AutoEgg help to ease the day to day for owners and improve the way we care for our pets through tech. 

Automatic litter boxes have been around for a good number of years and have quickly advanced in a short time. Alleviating the need to constantly maintain the litter box is by far the biggest draw for any owner. But these units are capable of far more than what meets the eye.

The Innovation Of Automatic Litter Boxes

Automatic litter boxes use intelligent cleaning systems to remove cat waste and thoroughly clean the litter bed for the next use. They utilize precise weight sensors that detect when your feline uses the bathroom and then promptly trigger a cleaning cycle to control the mess.

When automatic litter boxes first came about, they operated with the traditional rotating cleaning system. This consisted of a globe that rotates to sift out all soiled particles into a separate container. Nowadays, newer, more ingenious litter cleaning systems can provide a deeper, quieter, and safer clean overall.

For example, the AutoEgg features a horizontal cleaning rake that moves through a zig-zagged tray in slow motion, sifting out the soiled litter without creating any dust or rattling noises whatsoever. By gradually reducing the speed of the clean the unit can be thorough and keep things safe in the event of a re-entry.

Let's discuss some of those safety features. We've designed a ‘cat-stuck prevention sensor’ in the AutoEgg to detect any sudden movement during the cleaning process. 

Should your fur baby re-enter the litter box after a cleaning cycle begins, the sensor will detect this and pause the cycle until it’s safe to recommence. This sophisticated technology eliminates any chance of your kitty’s tail or paw getting caught up in the mechanism.

Why Every Cat Home Needs An Automatic Litter Box

Scooping your fur baby’s litter is not just time-consuming and tedious, but it can also be quite frustrating (for both you and your kitty). Even with clumping clay litter, clumps tend to break up into pieces upon consistent use, causing many small dirt particles to disperse into the clean litter.  

This can be a nightmare to scoop out and sometimes feels outright impossible, which leaves you with two choices. You either leave a portion of dirty litter in the tray or empty the box and refill it with fresh litter. The first option is most definitely unhygienic, but the latter means you’ll get through cat litter ridiculously quickly, which of course, becomes costly. 

In general, automatic litter boxes do a more effective job of scooping than a manual clean. However, the horizontal raking system of the AutoEgg excels as it cleans the litter in a much deeper and more thorough way. The rake’s 70-degree positioning combined with the zig-zag shape means even the smallest waste particles are captured and removed. 

This creates a more hygienic environment for your kitty to do their business, resulting in a happier cat! Moreover, it prevents clean litter from being disposed of, so you will use less litter and will save money in the long run.

How The AutoEgg Improves The Day To Day For Owners

After separating the waste from the clean litter, the AutoEgg transports the dirty granules to a large compartment towards the back. The tightly-concealed waste drawer does an excellent job of containing that oh so dreaded "cat poop smell". 

The 2-liter waste drawer of the AutoEgg typically holds up to one week’s worth of waste for one cat. This means all you need to do is empty the drawer and change the liner once a week or so. 

As you can see, self-cleaning litter boxes require very little time and maintenance compared to manual scooping for owners.

If that’s not convenient enough, the AutoEgg comes fully assembled upon arrival. All you need to do is fill it with any standard clay litter, plug it in, and your new futuristic cat product is ready to go!

What Makes The AutoEgg Superior To Other Automatic Litter Boxes?

Here at ChillX, we were determined to design an automatic litter box that stands out from the crowd. We strived to create a convenient litter box solution that does more than just clean the litter, thus giving you better value for money.

One unique feature we are incredibly proud of is the health tracker and alert system. The smart technology of the unit logs every visit your kitty makes to the AutoEgg. It records data such as your cat’s weight, the amount of waste they eliminate, and the frequency and duration of visits. 

The intelligent system then uses this information to track your cat’s digestive health and notify you of any issues. Recording the elimination’s weight makes it easy to notice any changes in your cat’s litter box habits. 

The AutoEgg will let you know if it appears your kitty is experiencing diarrhea or constipation. Likewise, it will notify you if your cat’s behavior signifies a potential urinary problem such as a UTI or feline cystitis.

What’s more, the health tracker serves as a convenient way to keep an eye on your cat’s weight, ensuring they are neither losing weight nor becoming overweight.

Why Cats Love The AutoEgg

It’s not all about us humans; the AutoEgg is just as adored by felines. Cats detest foul odors just as much as we do, so your kitty will be pleased to have a cleaner and fresher-smelling space to do their business. 

They also love the egg-shaped, arched design of the box. The hood gives them privacy to do their business. Furthermore, the low entry-step makes the AutoEgg accessible and welcoming to felines of all ages.

What truly separates the AutoEgg from other units is the element of customization. If your kitty doesn't quite take to a hooded design the AutoEgg can actually function with the hood removed. Be sure to remove the tracking step as well for better balance in this case.

Final thoughts

An automatic litter box like the AutoEgg is clearly the way forward when it comes to pet care and maintenance. 

This revolutionary litter solution gives you what all cat parents desire the most; more time to spend cuddling and playing with your fur baby.

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