How An Automatic Litter Box Can Save Your Cat’s Life

Keeping Owners Alert

Having a feline companion can bring about many beautiful experiences for owners. Even so, it’s no secret that the responsibility of caring for a kitty can result in an upward battle of worry. Dealing with your cat’s behavioral issues can be frustrating, but what truly troubles most cat owners is staying on top of your feline's health.

Your cat’s health is a legit concern as, unfortunately, many feline health problems can quickly become severe and even fatal if left untreated. What’s more, regular vet visits and treatments for prolonged illness can break the bank.

Because of this, it’s natural for owners to see tips, tools, and products that can give a clear insight into their cat's health. This could be choosing premium food for better nutrition, buying more toys to keep your kitty stimulated and well-exercised, or upgrading to an automatic litter box to promote safe bathroom hygiene. 

But, did you know that an automatic litter box can look after your fur baby’s health beyond that of cleanliness? We designed the AutoEgg to help track and aid in various health issues. 

These design elements can give you an early indication of life-threatening health ailments to make sure your feline receives treatment before symptoms worsen. Here is how an automatic litter box could potentially save your kitty’s life. 

Let's Break Down The Health Tracker & Alert System 

The health tracker of the AutoEgg tracks every time your kitty uses their litter box and records data from each visit. It keeps a log of this information locally on the touch screen, which you can access from the display panel. The display will show 25 entries simultaneously, automatically replacing them as your cat continues to use their litter box through the month. 

When you access this data, you will be able to see any causes of concern regarding your kitty’s health. Abnormalities will flag up in red to help you quickly spot potential health problems such as prolonged usage, minimal or no waste during a visit, or severe weight gain/weight loss.

What Type Of Medical Issues Can The Health Tracker Spot?

Urinary Tract & Bladder Infections

How an automatic litter box can save your cats live by catching early symptoms of health and digestive problems

While UTIs in cats are relatively rare, urinary tract inflammation (cystitis) and urethral obstruction are common. Neutered males are most at risk of developing feline urinary tract issues as the surgery makes their urethras narrower. These infections can cause significant discomfort and distress for your fur baby, and if left untreated, can become life-threatening. 

Felines do an excellent job of hiding illness. Still, changes in litter box habits are a huge indication that something is not right. The most common signs of urinary and bladder problems are straining to urinate, frequent visits to the litter box without elimination, and peeing outside of the box

If you have ever had cystitis yourself, you’ll be well aware of just how horrible it can feel. If your kitty is struggling with this, they will feel like a consistent pressure to urinate without being able to.

If your cat is entering the litter box more often than usual, and more importantly, not eliminating when inside, the AutoEgg will flag this up immediately. 

It can be hard to notice these changes with our busy lifestyles, but your automatic litter box can keep an eye out for you. If this problem occurs, take your kitty to the vet immediately. If it’s a urethral obstruction, this is an emergency condition. When a cat cannot pee, toxins quickly build up in the body, leading to death within three days.

Kidney Stones & Blockages

How an automatic litter box can save your cats live by catching early symptoms of health and digestive problems

Untreated and recurrent bladder infections can lead to kidney stones in felines. If your cat develops bladder or kidney stones, it will interfere with their urine flow and irritate the lining of the urethra.

The signs of kidney stones in cats are the same as a UTI or bladder infection, including frequent attempts to urinate that produce little to no urine. Therefore, the health log of the AutoEgg can flag this as a red alert. If your kitty’s infection has escalated to full stones or a blockage, there may be blood present in their urine as well.

By catching the illness quickly and taking your cat to the vet without delay, you should be able to treat it at home. Your vet will prescribe you medication to dissolve the stones. 

However, if your kitty suffers from this for too long, the case can become severe, requiring hospitalization and surgery. If untreated, the stones will eventually block the urethra, damaging the kidney and eventually destroying it.

Digestive Issues

How an automatic litter box can save your cats live by catching early symptoms of health and digestive problems

Digestive problems such as diarrhea and vomiting can be due to a temporary issue. This could be if your kitty has eaten something bad or if they are adjusting to a new food. On the other hand, these can be symptoms of something more serious, for example, toxic poisoning, infections, or disorders of the pancreas or liver. 

Moreover, constipation can be just as life-threatening. Inability to defecate over a long time can be down to a recent injury to the pelvis or a blockage caused by ingesting a foreign object. 

The AutoEgg records the weight of each elimination your cat makes. This makes it easy to spot if your kitty is pooping significantly more than usual or not at all. 

If you notice your cat has problems with its digestion, book a vet appointment ASAP. Additionally, ensure your kitty drinks plenty of water. Diarrhea usually causes dehydration, and one common cause of constipation is not getting enough fluids.

Obesity & Weight Loss

How an automatic litter box can save your cats live by catching early symptoms of health and digestive problems

The health log also serves as a weight tracker as it records your kitty’s weight every time they enter the box. This is a super useful feature for owners of both older and indoor cats, as they can quickly pile on the pounds. Obesity in cats can lead to health problems such as diabetes and arthritis.

However, weight gain is not the only concern. If your cat is losing weight, this can signal inflammatory bowel disease, parasites, and other diseases that require veterinary assistance.

Most cat owners only check their kitty’s weight during their annual check-up or if a weight change becomes very apparent. The AutoEgg provides an effortless way to ensure your cat maintains a healthy size.

When it comes to feline health issues, fast action is vital. We designed the AutoEgg to help you spot potential medical concerns when they first appear. This allows you to consult with your vet immediately. Detecting and treating problems before they escalate will save a lot of money, stress, and heartache.

Disclaimer: ChillX in no way seeks to circumvent the expertise or advise of veterinarian or pet health professional. If you suspect your cat may be ill or suffering from a health concern please contact your vet immediately to seek treatment.

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Good Quality.

These waste bags are good quality. I tried using an old plastic shopping bag and because it didn’t fit well it got caught in the drawer and tore, which made a mess. These bags are really thick and they’re made for the drawer size so they won’t get caught or have any issues. Not free though!

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Great product but the box arrived damaged

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They are almost there I’d say, almost to the point they need to be where someone could be happy with their product. Let me give the analogy of a printer. If yours can run for months without getting jammed that’s good but changing cartridges is a hassle. If it runs for months without running out of toner, that’s hassle free. Not going to be a cheap printer, but hassle-free. ChillX has made scooping convenient where others have failed but, the AutoEgg cleaning, and changing the waste bag and replacing the litter isn’t streamlined enough to consider this the hassle-free technology. They need need to enlarge the waste drawer and automate those functions, in 10 years it will be hassle-free I predict.

Ummm, Worth It

I bought the ChillX AutoEgg and profited from my investment. Time is money. A cat-lover colleague recommended ChillX AutoEgg and we've saved SOOO much time. We just load fresh clay litter, turn it on, it drags a close fitting rake across the zig-zag tray and it’s clean every time. I can look at my cat's weight log and know if something's wrong right away, or text the data to my vet. It's safe, quiet, and keeps the litter clean with no work. I toss a bag of waste from a drawer weekly, and occasionally take 15 minutes to wash it. One of my biggest household chores now GONE. $400 for an appliance that saves this much time totally pays for itself.

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I’m excited to have this product in my home, for the first time I’m not cleaning up litter scattered everywhere and I’m not working nearly as hard as I used to on my cats. This is a very positive development. I’m now able to monitor the activity of my two cats with an electronic log. I noticed a change in the pattern a few months ago, found out one of my cats was diabetic.