How An Automatic Litter Box Prevents Health Problems

Having a furry companion at home is all fun and games until they get sick. As with humans, your fur baby will inevitably develop a health issue at some point and require a bit of care. However, as responsible, loving cat owners, we can do our best to reduce the chance and frequency of our felines becoming ill.

You probably already know that the food we feed our cats can impact their health. The same goes for the toys and products we provide them. One pet product that can play a significant role in your kitty’s health is their litter box. From a wide variety of health ailments, improper bathroom spaces can result in anxiety, sanitation issues, and even more serious complications if left unattended. 

Read on to learn about how your cat’s bathroom habits can signal potential health issues and how an automatic litter box can prevent them.

1) Litter Box Anxiety

How An Automatic Litter Box Prevents Health Problems

A cat may feel anxious around its litter box for various reasons. Still, anxiety usually shows up in felines adjusting to a change in their environment or daily routine. If your cat is feeling anxious, its behavior will be noticeably different. In many cases, it might seem like they are acting out or unusually aggressive.

A typical sign of litter box anxiety is eliminating outside of the box. Your cat might urinate in the box but defecate outside of it, or vice versa. Alternatively, they could stop using the box altogether. Either way, dealing with an anxious cat can be distressing for both you and the kitty. 

If your cat is avoiding their litter box, it could be because it’s not clean enough for them to use comfortably. This is a common problem with traditional litter trays, as scooping once a day is usually not sufficient for most felines. If this is the cause of concern for your stressed-out kitty, an automatic litter box can help to alleviate the burden with a routine cleaning schedule. 

The AutoEgg runs a full cleaning cycle after every use plus an additional four times a day to ensure a fresh bed of litter at all times. Along with the frequency of cleaning, the horizontal rake sifts through the zigzag litter tray in slow motion to give a deep and thorough clean during the 5 to 10-minute cycle.

Aside from this, the enclosed design of the AutoEgg helps cats feel safe and at ease by giving them privacy to do their business. What’s more, the egg-shaped box appeals to a cat’s desire to explore, and we have found felines acclimate rather quickly to it.

2) Digestive Health 

How An Automatic Litter Box Prevents Health Problems

Digestive issues such as diarrhea and constipation are not unusual for cats, especially young kittens. But, it doesn’t always signal a serious health threat. It could just be down to your cat eating something bad. In these cases, it usually passes within a day or two. However, suppose diarrhea or constipation persists or keeps returning. In that case, it could be that your cat has an underlying health condition that requires veterinary care. 

It’s not easy to manually observe your cat’s bathroom habits when your juggling work demands, family care, and other responsibilities. This is why busy cat parents love the AutoEgg, as the unit keeps an eye on your cat’s digestion for you using a built-in health tracker. 

The health tracker weighs your cat’s waste on each visit and displays this information in an easy-to-read log. Should your cat’s elimination habits increase or decrease, the health tracker will alert you by showing the discrepancies in red on the display panel. This lets you know that something may be going on with your fur baby and a vet visit is in order. 

3) Bladder & Urinary Tract Infections

How An Automatic Litter Box Prevents Health Problems

Other elimination issues your feline may experience are infections in the urinary tract or bladder, such as a UTI or kidney stones. If you have ever had a UTI yourself, you’ll know just how uncomfortable it is and how frustrating it feels. 

Of course, if you’re at home, you will likely notice if your furry friend is in and out of the litter box. However, if you’re working late or away for long periods, you may not be aware of unusual behaviors.

Like digestive issues, the health tracker of the AutoEgg will pick up if your cat is entering the box without eliminating or eliminating a minuscule amount each time. If this happens, the system will flag it up on the display panel, letting you know when you return home.

4) Feline Obesity

How An Automatic Litter Box Prevents Health Problems

We all know that obesity is on the rise and is a consistent issue. But did you know feline obesity has seen a steady increase as well? While this is most prevalent in indoor cats, kitties that go outside are also at risk of reaching unhealthy weights. 

This is primarily due to free-feeding. While it may be the easiest way to feed your fur babies, leaving dry food out all day for your cat to eat as they please is not good for their health. This is because many kitties will eat more than they need if they have continuous access to food. 

It’s essential to monitor your cat’s weight and keep them at their ideal weight as obesity in cats leads to other health problems such as diabetes and arthritis. 

The precise weight sensors and health tracker function of the AutoEgg work together to track your cat’s weight. You can view your kitty’s current weight on the health log and compare it to the previous days to ensure there’s no rapid weight gain. 

5) Arthritis & Mobility Issues

How An Automatic Litter Box Prevents Health Problems

As cats age, the likelihood of health issues occurring increases. Many elderly and obese cats will develop arthritis and other conditions that reduce their mobility. You’ll notice your senior cat cannot jump as high or move as fast as they could in their younger days, and as a result, they live a more sedentary lifestyle. 

The design of the AutoEgg makes this litter box an ideal choice for our older and larger furry friends. The unit’s entrance is low, at only 6 inches off the ground, so your kitty can enter without struggle or strain. Moreover, the tray is spacious enough for them to move around in comfort. 

Final thoughts

Not all cat products are created equal, and some are better for your cat’s health than others. Choosing a high-quality, well-designed automatic litter box is the first step you can take to look after your beloved feline’s health and prevent medical issues from occurring. 
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