How Our Automatic Litter Box Functions

A Concise Clean

The benefits of an automatic litter box are clear; no more scooping, no more odors, and overall, a cleaner home and happier kitty! What you may not know, however, is the full functionality behind these machines and the technology that makes for a self-sufficient clean.

For techies, robotics fanatics, or even just the average cat owner interested in learning a bit more about how their unit functions, we've got the full rundown for every AutoEgg related.

Breaking Down The Cleaning Process

1) The Weight Sensors Will Detect The Presence Of Your Cat

The AutoEgg has four high-precision gravity sensors on the bottom of the unit. When your cat enters their automatic litter box, these sensors detect your kitty’s weight, and therefore, their presence. 

The sensors have an impressive 0.03 oz accuracy, making the AutoEgg an ideal automatic litter box for cats between 4.4 lbs and 15.4 lbs. However, the max load limit of litter and kitty combined is 44 lbs (20 kg), so large and overweight cats can use the AutoEgg as well.

What about if your cat is less than 4.4 lbs? 

Although the weight sensors might not pick up the presence to log the weight of very small kittens, they can still use the box in a safe and efficient way. This is made possible by a routine cleaning schedule that runs 4 times a day in addition to every bathroom trip as well as the cat stuck prevention feature (both explained below).

2) Cleaning Begins After Your Cat Leaves The Litter Box

The weight sensors allow the system to know/record just how long your kitty spends in the litter box and can tell exactly when they leave. The device will automatically clean just 5 minutes after detecting the presence of 5g of waste. For bathroom trips that result in less than 5g of waste, the unit will flag them in red to indicate a potential concern.

Sometimes kitties think they are finished to find once they leave the box, they need to go back again, particularly if they are suffering from diarrhea or a feline UTI. So, waiting 5 minutes ensures your feline will be just far enough from the unit for the cycle to safely begin.

3) The Rake Sifts Through The Litter, Capturing The Waste

The AutoEgg utilizes a horizontal raking system consisting of a 70-degree cleaning rake and a zig-zag tray. The rake slowly moves through the base of the tray, sifting through the litter to remove all clumps. It does this at a very paced speed for several reasons.

The slow action allows for a deeper, more thorough clean, capturing even the smallest waste particles to make sure nothing is left behind. This method is also highly effective at minimizing dust. The rake continues to move across the litter bed for a duration of 5 to 10 minutes.

4) The Cat Stuck Prevention Feature

What if the action intrigues your kitty, and they re-enter the box mid clean? Rest assured, the rake will not cause your fur baby any harm, thanks to the ‘cat stuck prevention’ sensor. 

This sensor detects any sudden change in weight exceeding 0.5 kg (1.1 lb.) and immediately pauses the cleaning. The cleaning will restart just 5 or 10 minutes later, as long as there is no sudden weight change detected. 

This sophisticated function combined with the rake’s slow, gentle action promises to keep your cat safe by eliminating any chance of them getting trapped or hurt during a cleaning cycle.

5) The Waste Is Sifted Into The Waste Compartment

Once the cleaning cycle is complete, the waste drops into the drawer below the litter bed. This space holds 2 liters, which is roughly 4-7 days worth of waste for one cat. 

This means single-cat owners will only need to empty the drawer once or twice a week at most. The waste compartment is also tightly sealed until opened to ensure that unwanted odors are kept trapped and to a minimum until a liner change is needed.

6) Additional Cleanings Throughout The Day

Aside from the automatic cleaning following each bathroom trip, the AutoEgg will self-clean four times a day, even if there is no waste in the litter box. These pre-set cleans occur on average every 6 hours, at 3:00 am, 9:00 am, 3:00 pm, and 9:00 pm. 

If you have a kitten that weighs less than 4.4 lbs, you will first need to activate the daily cleans by ensuring the unit is in "auto" mode. To do this, place an object above 4.4 lbs in the box for 15 seconds. Once you pull it out and wait about 5 minutes the AutoEgg should start cleaning. This will ensure that the unit is operating solo based on weight and a timed schedule.

How Does The AutoEgg Clean So Quietly?

The AutoEgg uses an advanced motor and mechanism technology to provide the quietest clean possible for an automatic litter box. Moreover, opting for a raking system over the traditional rotating mechanism means there are no loud rattles as the unit sifts and cleans through the litter bed.   

How Does The Health Tracking System Work?

The AutoEgg not only takes care of your cat’s bathroom maintenance but also their health tracking. The weight sensors of the automatic litter box serve multiple purposes for owners. 

Not only do they play a key role in initiating the cleaning cycles and keeping your kitty safe, but they can also log your cat’s weight and the weight of every elimination too. 

It records and stores this information locally on the AutoEgg for roughly 25 to 26 days before the new entries will cycle in. You can access this data via the health log on the touch screen display panel. 

You will see how much your cat visits their litter box, how long they spend in there, and the amount of waste they produce. If there are any abnormalities, such as if your feline eliminates more waste than usual or continuously enters the box without actually using the litter box, this will flag as a red alert in the system and may prompt a vet check-up.

The health tracker serves as a valuable tool to keep an eye on your cat’s health and pick up any potential concerns before they escalate. 

So Why AutoEgg?

The smart functionality of the AutoEgg allows you to sit back and relax, knowing that your automatic litter box is taking care of the hard work so you won't have to. By easing up on your kitty's maintenance needs you'll have more time for play and less worry for their bathroom space.