How To Use The Health Log & Alert System

Investing in an automatic litter box can open up a world of possibilities for you and your cat. 

Automatic litter boxes are designed to routinely cycle through the litter bed and remove soiled particles. Keeping things sanitary for your cat can be a long term step towards improving the quality of their bathroom experience and their overall health. But what if you were to take things a step further?

As cat owners, we all want what's best for our feline friends so when we notice abnormalities in their bathroom habits it can be very concerning. Inconsistencies in their litter box behaviors can indicate a larger health issue if left unnoticed or untreated. We've designed the AutoEgg as a solution that supports you as a cat owner and gives a better insight into your cat's digestive behaviors.

With the AutoEgg we've developed a built-in health log and alert system that can accurately track and store data concerning your cat's bathroom habits and flag abnormalities.

The touchscreen display on the unit shows a clear and concise account of every bathroom trip and a breakdown of the most relevant data. 

Our metrics include: 

  • The date and time of the visit 
  • The duration - How long your cat spent in the litter box 
  • Your cat’s body weight 
  • The weight of the waste produced (0.03 oz accuracy)

With this information, you can hone in on irregularities that may indicate illness. For example, tracking bathroom trips without any waste recorded could be a tell-tale sign of a feline UTI.

A feline UTI can be extremely painful and uncomfortable. Still, as we know, cats do a brilliant job of hiding their pain long before we catch on. Therefore, it's often difficult to tell if your cat may be suffering from bladder issues. 

Additionally, with a nonautomatic litter box, it’s almost impossible to track if your cat has entered but hasn't been able to go. The innovative health log on the AutoEgg will allow you to swiftly pick up on any health concerns your fur baby may be having and address them with their vet as soon as possible.

Tracking your kitty’s weight 

The health log will record your cat's weight each time they enter the litter box. Therefore, if you have two cats using the box, you can track the individual health metrics of each by differentiating between their weights in the system. 

If you have an older cat, the weight log will show you if they are putting on too much weight or vice versa if your cat may losing weight and you're unsure why. Spotting this early will allow you to take action before your feline runs into any serious health issues.

Precise weight sensors to record the weight of their waste 

In addition to recording your cat’s weight, the AutoEgg’s precise weight sensors can detect exactly how much waste your cat leaves after each visit. With an automatic litter box, it’s harder to keep an eye on exactly how their weight might appear. Utilizing this feature to get a sense for what's considered "regular" for your cat can be an invaluable step in keeping up with their health and digestive patterns.

  • Without seeing the consistency of your cat’s stools, it is harder to spot diarrhea or other inconsistencies. Luckily, with the AutoEgg, you'll know exactly how much waste your kitty eliminates each trip and can easily spot any increase or decrease considered "out of the norm".  
  • In contrast, if the log shows your kitty is entering the litter box and going very little or not at all, your fur baby could be suffering from a larger digestive issue as discussed earlier.  

Both diarrhea and constipation are common in our feline friends, especially very young kittens. Keeping a lookout for inconsistencies that may suggest discomfort or illness is a critical part of being a good owner.

Cat’s can have quite sensitive tummies, and switching foods or eating something off the floor can be enough to trigger an upset stomach. This system will allow you to spot changes in your cat’s digestion and quickly make the necessary adjustments to their diet before the problem escalates.   

Alert system that flags any abnormalities  

As mentioned, our system will help you to manage your cat’s health by flagging anything that appears to be abnormal and displaying it in red on the log. 

It will alert you if your kitty’s waste is less than 0.18 oz or if your cat spends longer than average in the litter box. If you're noticing multiple red entries within your log, a vet visit is highly recommended to rule out anything serious. 

How does AutoEgg store the data? 

The AutoEgg stores your cat’s health data right within the device itself. The display panel will show up to 25 entries over the last seven days. These are then automatically replaced as your cat continues to use the litter box, keeping things current and accessible.

Setting up the system 

The general system set up on the touchscreen panel will successfully initialize the health log. 

Here is a brief breakdown of the steps to follow 

1.First, ensure you've set the current date and time. 

2.Next, select the mode you want to use, choosing between automatic and manual. (Automatic is the default setting, manual is mostly used for testing purposes and should not be your default).

3.Reset the weight sensors, then check that they are detecting weight correctly by running a functionality test.

4.Lastly, select your preferred language. 

*Please note, some units may have entries in the log from factory testing, and reconditioned units will have previous data from the last occupant. These entries will clear as your cat continues to use their new litter box.*

For every AutoEgg, we test the health log and record data 1-3 times before shipping as part of our quality control protocol. 

Final thoughts 

The health log and alert system was designed to give owners a better view of their cat's digestive health and overall bathroom habits. Keeping yourself informed is part of being a responsible pet owner and knowing when it's the right time to call your local veterinarian. 

We hope you find our health log a handy tool for tracking your feline’s health metrics, and it gives you the peace of mind that you've got a happy and healthy kitty at home. Check out the homepage to learn about the other awesome features of the AutoEgg automatic litter box.