Managing Odor With The AutoEgg

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Ask any indoor cat owner what the worst part of caring for their feline is, and they are bound to mention having to scoop their poop and all the unpleasant smells that come with it. Automatic litter boxes don’t just remove the need to scoop, they're designed to conceal and manage foul odors.  

How The AutoEgg Helps To Conceal Foul Odors

When creating the AutoEgg, we incorporated various design elements to minimize cat litter odor and keep your home smelling as fresh as possible. Here’s why the AutoEgg is the best automatic litter box for odor prevention.

Cleanings After Every Bathroom Trip 

The first step to preventing odors from spreading around the house is to remove the waste promptly. Of course, it’s vital to balance safety with rapid cleaning, as it would be unsafe to initiate a cleaning immediately after your cat has done its business.

When designing the AutoEgg, we found waiting five minutes after each bathroom trip before initiating the cleaning cycle is the right balance point. This way, your kitty has enough time to leave their litter box, yet not enough time for the odor to start circulating through the air. 

Swift Cleaning Process

Along with cleaning swiftly after every use, the cycle takes just 5 or 10 minutes. Some alternative self-cleaning litter boxes can take up to 30 minutes to cycle completely. The downside is that by the time the litter box is clean the odors have already dispersed through the air.

Again, it’s crucial to balance safety with speed and efficiency. Some other units have a quicker cleaning cycle, but these can compromise safety in exchange for an aggressive process. 

The horizontal raking method that the AutoEgg uses is the safest system available. The rake moves through the litter slowly and gently, preventing the possibility of a dangerous situation should you cat re-enter during a cycle.

An Immaculate Clean Every Time

Automatic litter boxes can be quite an investment and everyone is looking for the guarantee of cleanliness. Alternative models using varying systems can help in that process but more often than not most will fall short.

Their cleaning process can leave urine-soaked clumps on the sides or miss bits of waste altogether. With a subpar clean comes the unfortunate situation of an odor to deal with by hand.

The AutoEgg’s 70-degree cleaning rake and a zig-zag litter tray promise a deep clean during every cycle. The precise system can capture even the smallest waste particles and scans the sides for any damp litter mess as it sifts.  

A Tightly Conceal Waste Compartment

Like many other automatic litter boxes, the AutoEgg has a waste drawer towards the back where the dirty litter is stored. Because the large 2-liter drawer can hold up to a week’s worth of waste, most owners will only need to empty it once every week.

You might be concerned that odors can seep out during this time. We solved this issue by ensuring the whole waste compartment is tightly sealed and impermeable to airflow. This keeps maintenance low and odor prevention high as the system continues to cycle and store waste over the course of 7 days.

An Enclosed/Hooded Design

There is much debate on which is better; hooded litter boxes or open-air trays for our feline friends. There are certainly pros and cons to both styles. Still, we found an enclosed, hooded design does a significantly better job of managing unpleasant scents by controlling the scatter and dust during bathroom trips. 

An argument against hooded litter boxes is the worry that the box will smell horrible when your fur baby revisits it, possibly causing your cat stress or avoiding their litter box altogether. 

While this is true with traditional litter boxes that are cleaned roughly once a day, it’s not the case for most automatic litter boxes. Because the AutoEgg readily transfers the waste to the odor-concealed compartment, your kitty won’t be greeted by any unpleasant smells but rather a fresh bed of litter upon their return.

What About Carbon Filters? 

Some other self-cleaning litter boxes utilize carbon filters in the waste compartment to help reduce odors. While these filters can offer a promising effect, they will need to be replaced on a routine basis and can become quite costly. 

At ChillX, we’re proud of designing a litter box that saves you money in the long run. Other automatic litter boxes may require the purchase of disposable trays, additional waste drawers, expensive filters, and more, costing you hundreds of dollars each year. 

But with the AutoEgg, aside from litter, the only disposable item you need is a waste drawer liner. But no worries, you can use just about any plastic or paper bag that can fit within the waste drawer for this. If you'd like to go green you can even purchase our bio-degradable bags right from our website.

By keeping maintenance costs transparent and eliminating vanity features such as replaceable parts, we're able to keep your long term costs upfront and minimal.

Additional Ways To Reduce Odors

What if your feline’s waste is particularly foul-smelling, or you have a particularly sensitive nose? Likewise, there might be times when your cat has diarrhea, and further odor prevention is needed. Here are additional ways to manage odor in these situations. 

Try Scented Litter

The AutoEgg is compatible with most common clumping clay litters, including scented versions. These days, you can find cat litter that smells like apple, lemon, green tea, and even coffee! Scented litter can help to manage unpleasant scents in the litter tray but bear in mind that it might not be to your fur baby’s liking so use with caution and experiment as needed.

According to one study, most cats prefer unscented clay litter over any scented kind. This is no surprise as felines have sensitive noses themselves, and they tend to find citrus and coffee scents relatively unappealing. Of course, cat’s litter preferences differ, so it’s worth trying to find your kitty’s top choice if you need that added odor protection.

Consider The Placement Of Your Automatic Litter Box

You particularly don’t want to smell cat poop in the bedroom and the kitchen. Therefore, it would be unwise to keep the litter box in or anywhere near these places. 

If you have the space in your home, you may find it best to keep the litter box in a room that's less frequented, such as a spare bedroom or even a second bathroom. Moreover, placing it by a window can make a huge difference in minimizing odors daily.

Our Thoughts 

When investing in a high-tech pet product such as the AutoEgg, ensure the one you choose solves your cat maintenance problems and benefits you long term. 

A fresher smelling home is just one of the many perks you can experience with an automatic litter box. Browse our homepage to learn a bit more about how the AutoEgg can fit into your life.