PetSafe ScoopFree vs ChillX AutoEgg


The ScoopFree uses an infrared sensor that monitors when the cat enters and exits the litter box. Every time the infrared detects the cat, it resets the timer for the rake. The ScoopFree can adjust its time delay for the cleaning cycle.

The AutoEgg's safety mechanisms centered around its sensitive weight sensors and angled rake. The weight sensors record all litter box interactions on the health log to proactively alert owners to any possible behaviors associated with health risks such as urinary tract problems. If the cat stuck prevention function detects any sudden weight changes while cleaning, then it automatically stops the rake. The rake is slow and gentle to not only guarantee the cat's safety, but also to prevent any litter and waste from spilling outside of the base.It is compatible with kittens where other devices may not be, however it does not support cats above 15.4lbs.


The ful l dimensions are 27.5x19x7 in with a   litter area of 14x14 in. Depending on the bundle that is bought, it may also come with a hood. The ScoopFree is easy to set up due to only having three parts: base, disposable litter tray, and hood.    

The AutoEgg's sleek design and fitted dimensions (30.3x18.1x17.7 in. and 11lbs.) entice people more inclined to show off their litter box as opposed to hiding it. Another factor is that the hooded design combined with the recommended choices of fast-and-hard clumping clay litter will trap odors within the device.

Weight Sensors

The ScoopFree does not incorporate weight sensors. Thus, if the sole sensor becomes obstructed by loose litter, then the

The AutoEgg's ultra sensitive weight sensors can measure with 0.03 oz of accuracy. Once they detect enough waste (0.17oz of waste), the rake will begin its quiet cleaning cycle five minutes after the cat exits.

Cat Adoption

 Depends on the cat, but tends to be fairly quick. The most common problem cats have with the ScoopFree regarding adoption is the unfamiliarity/dislike of crystal litter .

The AutoEgg's enclosed design keeps cats feeling very safe and protected when taking care of their business. Simply leaving it in the location of the previous litter box and adding a scoop or two of the old litter will be enough to get most cats to adopt the AutoEgg. But be warned, they may never want to go back!

Noise Level

 The ScoopFree has a noise level of about 50 decibels, which is lower than most automatic self-cleaning litter boxes, but still louder than the AutoEgg.  

 The AutoEgg's cleaning cycles are almost completely silent which will save owners some headaches and not inadvertently scare your cat which makes transitioning to the new litter box easier.  With only 25 decibels, the AutoEgg is easily the quietest self-cleaning litter box.

Ease of Cleaning

Since the ScoopFree uses disposable litter, the device only needs a new tray and some paper towels to wipe it down.  You do not need to clean or do any maintenance to the ScoopFree.  

The AutoEgg can be disassembled in as fast as 30 seconds. Everything except the base and motor is washable. For the components that are not washable, disinfectant wipes or a small vacuum are more than enough. Users typically deep clean the 2-6 weeks.

Overall Cost

 Each cartridge lasts only for two weeks and costs a little over $16.    Although the initial price ($169.95) is lower compared to competitors, it could cost about $400 a year.

Purchasing the AutoEgg ($399.99) comes in it's entirety, and only requires clumping clay litter and waste liner bags ($1.19 per bag) post purchase. With a single cat household, then the total cost of liners would be about $108.59 for a year. ChillX offers their own liners which are biodegradable and reasonably priced replacement parts.


The PetSafe ScoopFree may seem like the more economical choice initially, but after a year of use, it will cost more than a ChillX AutoEgg and a year's worth of liners.