Tackling Litter Tracking Through Design

Designing The Solution

Keeping your home clean with cats around can seem like a constant battle for most. The litter box is undoubtedly the leading cause of most of the mess, thanks to those annoying granules that seem to get just about everywhere! 

It can seem like you’re forever sweeping up litter that not only gets kicked out of the box but also tracks throughout your home.

Can you relate? If so, I’m sure you’re desperate to find a way to put a stop to this and have a clean (or at least relevantly clean) home again. As cat owners ourselves, we were keen to design the AutoEgg in a way that effectively tackles litter tracking.

So Why Does Litter Get All Over The House?

Many clumping litters consist of small, absorbent particles that easily stick to your cat’s paws or fur, particularly when wet. 

This means when your kitty leaves their litter box, so do these bits of litter. They then travel with your cat until they shake them off or they fall off throughout your home. 

Some cats tend to step in their wet litter, resulting in large, damp clumps sticking to their paws, which then spreads onto the floor or anywhere else they might roam. 

Granules can stick to your kitty for a while, which is why it’s not uncommon to find litter grains where you would least expect them.

Litter also tracks when your cat digs through the litter and covers their waste. This is worse in an open-top litter box with low sides as there is nothing to contain the litter from scattering. Additionally, some cats naturally make more mess when digging than others. Each breed is different and will exhibit varying behaviors when it comes to bathroom habits.

But Why Is Litter Tracking Problematic?

Litter tracking is not only irritating, but it is also very unhygienic and can even be harmful to humans. 

Feces spread when dirty particles leave the litter box stuck to your kitty’s paws. Worse than that, if your cat has any zoonotic diseases (diseases spread from animal to human) such as Toxoplasmosis or Cat Scratch Disease, it becomes a health risk for you and other family members if those particles reach beyond the litter space.  

If you're exposed to the fecal material you can run the risk of contracting the disease yourself. Additionally, fungal and bacterial infections such as ringworm and salmonella are spread quite easily from tracking issues.

How The AutoEgg Tackles Tracking Through Design

Here’s how we created the AutoEgg to ensure minimal litter leaves the unit, and therefore, keeps your home clean and hygienic. 

A Hooded Design

One reason we opted for a hooded design was to reduce litter tracking. Apart from the arched entryway, the litter box is fully enclosed so your kitty can’t fling and scatter litter over the sides or the back of the box when they go on a wild digging adventure. 

When building the AutoEgg, we tightly concealed all parts of the container, making sure there are no gaps for litter or dust to get through and escape the unit itself.

A Cellular Tracking Step 

The entrance is the only open space that litter can pass through. We fitted a cellular tracking pad here to catch any litter grains from your feline’s paws as they leave the unit. 

A relatively simple, yet effective, design to incorporate a step that is porous and can catch particles before your kitty has a chance to track them somewhere else. 

Tactically placed, your fur baby has to walk over the tracking pad as they exit which allows for a quick and gentle scrape of those paws to knock off any debris. 

Automatic Cleanings After Every Use

Regular litter box cleaning will minimize the health hazards of litter tracking. The longer dirty litter sits inside the unit, the greater the chance your kitty will re-enter the litter box and start playing and digging around, getting waste particles all over their paws. 

As the AutoEgg runs a full cleaning cycle just 5 minutes after every use, the litter box remains as hygienic as possible. The cleaning process takes just 5 or 10 minutes to complete and can always ensure a fresh bed of litter upon your cat's arrival.

A Deep And Thorough Cleaning

When scooping the litter box manually, it can prove to be challenging to remove all of the waste in just one cleaning. More often than not, the clumps tend to break up, and some small waste particles remain after you’ve scooped numerous times.

This can pose a health risk if your cat has an infection or a contagious disease. The infected particles can catch onto your cat’s paws and contaminate the floor if they're present during every bathroom trip.

The state-of-the-art self-cleaning system of the AutoEgg does an excellent job of removing even the tiniest bits of waste. The 70-degree cleaning rake combined with the zigzag litter tray promises a deep and thorough clean during every cycle to keep things feeling fresh for every use.   

Other Ways You Can Prevent Litter Tracking

Try Using Litter Mats

Litter mats function in the same way as the tracking pad. They are specially made with deep grooves to capture the grains from your cat’s paws, preventing them from scattering over the floor. Litter mats are both more effective and more efficient than standard rugs under the litter box. 

Thanks to the dual design, you can easily remove the gathered litter caught underneath. Particles drop through the holes and end up between the two attached mats. You then simply open the side slit and pour away the captured granules.

Try Changing Up Their Litter

A great perk of the AutoEgg is that it’s compatible with all traditional clay hard-clumping litters. Not all clay litters are made the same. Some clump better than others, while some offer more effective odor prevention, and others are less likely to cause tracking. 

When choosing a clay litter to reduce tracking, opt for heavier litter or one with larger granules as these tend to drop off from paws rather quickly.

If your cat is a digger and tends to mess with their litter after a bathroom trip it may be worth exploring the varying brands of clay litters to see which are less likely to track from your cat's paws to the floor.

Some Thoughts

If you hate litter tracking as much as we do, we’re confident you’ll be impressed with how well the AutoEgg tackles the problem. 

When it comes to high-tech pet products, smart design elements can solve many cat care nuisances with simple elements that work with your cat's normal behaviors. Check out the homepage to discover more difficulties the AutoEgg has resolved for cat owners like you.