The AutoEgg Is The Greenest Self Cleaning Litter Box Of 2022

Our Green Initiative

As animal lovers, we tend to be highly conscious of the environmental impact we may be leaving on the world around us. The animals that share the earth with us deserve our commitment to a greener way of life to preserve the environment for everyone. Part of that commitment is about sourcing sustainable and eco-friendly pet products.

If you’re considering purchasing an automatic litter box for the first time a common concern is often sustainability. Just how "green" can they be?

With ChillX the goal of our practice is to provide the most highly optimized automatic litter box we can through the most sustainable methods possible. The ChillX green initiative is our commitment to a greener product that finds a happy medium between high tech and eco-friendly. 

What Makes The AutoEgg The Greenest Automatic Litter Box On The Market?

ChillX AutoEgg the greenest automatic litter box of 2020

The ChillX green initiative was born of the need to find better ways to carry out manufacturing and shipping our product. Subsequently, we moved towards reimagining the design elements of the AutoEgg to create something just as conscious.

The concept started with the initial redesign of the modern automatic litter box into something that was energy-efficient, overwhelmingly safe, and dependable for our customers. 

Here are just a few ways in which the AutoEgg has earned its place as the greenest automatic litter box of 2020.

Energy Efficiency

ChillX AutoEgg the greenest automatic litter box of 2020

Here at ChillX, we pride ourselves on a superior technology and an optimized design with our products. Along with rating highly in reliability and longevity, we’ve built a self-cleaning litter box with the most energy-efficient motor available.

The AutoEgg only consumes 1 kWh of electricity per 500 cycles, making it one of the most eco-friendly automatic litter boxes on the market.

Low power consumption is not only better for our environment, but can also be a contributing factor to saving you money in the long run. 

Biodegradable Waste Drawer Liners

Plastics can be a major concern for any manufacturing company looking to reduce their carbon footprint. We’ve cut the excess where we could and developed our very own line of 100% biodegradable waste drawer liners.

These liners are designed to perfectly fit the AutoEgg's waste compartment and are the only “disposable” item you’ll ever need with ChillX. The liners are corn-based and will biodegrade within a swift 90 days upon use. 

Each roll of these eco-friendly liners contains 20 extra thick bags that will help prevent any spillage and avoid breakage during changing. We include one roll with your AutoEgg as a complimentary starter and replacements are sold and shipped for free right from our site.

Other units on the market may require quite a few disposable items including filters, liners, or even waste trays. At ChillX we've made every effort to minimize our waste while maximizing our delivery. Keeping our system efficient and our routine maintenance costs as low as possible.

Reconditioning Program

ChillX AutoEgg the greenest automatic litter box of 2020

Our commitment to caring for the environment led to the launch of our reconditioning program here at ChillX.

We believe in the practical reuse of products and parts that can serve as replacements or refurbishments rather than being discarded. 

For units returned to our warehouse within their 30-day window we sanitize, refurbish, and test what we can to restock them for a discounted sale. Our program is designed to repurpose functional products and prevent excess materials from being wasted over time.

Not only are reconditioned units considered an environmentally-friendly pet product, a certified refurbished AutoEgg provides a more affordable option to cat owners interested in a reliable automatic litter box but for a reduced price.

Reconditioned units are thoroughly sanitized and inspected to ensure they meet factory standards before shipment and come with our standard 12-month warranty. So you’ll always know that ChillX has got your back!

Recycled Packaging Materials

Shipping and handling can be a taxing element to operating a business, especially when it comes to protecting the environment. 

As a way to honor the company’s green initiative, we use recycled shipping materials for all of our reconditioned units. “Twice Loved” as we like to say, for packaging with slight cosmetic defects we make sure to repair boxes whenever possible and eliminate waste where we can when it comes to shipping out our products.


The AutoEgg is manufactured with the highest quality materials possible to serve as a dependable unit for years to come. 

In addition to our 12-month warranty, we’ve made sure replacement parts are always available for purchase to allow our customers to repair rather than completely replace if needed.

Ensuring we’re all doing our part to work towards a greener way our buying and caring for the products we use.

Is Cat Litter Bad For The Environment?

This depends on which way you look at it. Many of today’s clumping cat litters are non-biodegradable which can make them less than ideal for litter usage or disposal. The best method is to maximize the efficiency of your unit and reduce the amount of litter wasted in general. 

Manually scooping has the potential to increase the amount of litter wasted by nearly half compared to using an automatic litter box. By investing in a unit like the AutoEgg that's designed to effectively separate clumped litter while saving the clean litter, you’ll be contributing towards your overall savings and reduce the amount of litter that ends up discarded.

How Do Automatic Litter Boxes Reduce Litter Usage?

ChillX AutoEgg the greenest automatic litter box of 2020

One of the biggest benefits of a self-cleaning litter box is waste reduction. While the majority of cat litters are working to inch their way towards sustainable options, an automatic litter box has the potential to drastically reduce the amount of litter we're wasting overall.

Using a horizontal raking system set at a 70-degree angle, the AutoEgg initiates a slow yet steady cycle to gently separate the clumps from the litter bed and trap them in the conceal waste compartment.

Most self-cleaning litter boxes have the potential to spare you 5 to 10 times the amount of waste using various methods to separate clumped particles.

Once trapped in the waste compartment, the waste is fully concealed and will need to be emptied roughly once a week or so.

Final Thoughts

Sustainability is a group effort with our company but also our customers. The AutoEgg was designed to maximize the ease of your cats litter box experience in the most eco-conscious way possible.

Small adjustments to our practice enable us with the tools to serve as an environmentally friendly company and to create a better version of what it means to operate as a green business in 2020.

Learn more about our green initiative here, and support our journey to a more sustainable future for everyone.