What Are Automatic Litter Boxes Really Capable Of?

A Clean Like You've Never Seen Before

Let’s face it; no cat owner likes cleaning their cat’s dirty litter box. Automatic litter boxes have long been on the rise among cat owners and are poised to sweep the market in 2021.

With a multitude of available features and the ability to eliminate the need for scooping it's hard to imagine what an automatic litter box can't do. 

Perhaps you’re considering upgrading your current litter box to a self-cleaning option like that of the AutoEgg. Maybe you're just intrigued to learn more about what these high-tech devices can do. Either way, let’s explore the AutoEgg and what an automatic litter box is really capable of.

Self-Cleaning After Each Use

One of the top features of automatic litter boxes is, without doubt, the automated cleaning that takes place shortly after each use. Thanks to 4 highly precise weight sensors the AutoEgg is capable of tracking exactly when your cat has entered and left their unit before initiating the cleaning cycle.  

The weight sensors in the AutoEgg boast an impressive 0.03 oz accuracy. This precision means that the automatic process will work with cats as small as 4.4 lb. When it detects that all movement has stopped, the system will wait 5 minutes before it begins to swift through the litter. 

This waiting period allows for just enough time to ensure your kitty has left the unit for good but just short enough to make sure odors don't linger and waste it efficiently removed. The waste is sifting by the raking system and sealed in a separate compartment to trap in the smell.

Additional Cleanings Throughout The Day

In addition to cleaning after each use, the AutoEgg initiates four more deep cleans throughout the day, at pre-set times. This feature is unique to the ChillX model, making it one of the most hygienic self-cleaning litter boxes on the market.

This is also to benefit younger kittens using the litter box who may not be heavy enough to trigger a self-cleaning cycle after each use. With a timed schedule, the AutoEgg will initiate a cycle 4 times a day at 3 & 9 am/pm to keep the litter bed looking fresh at all times.

Quiet - Non-Disruptive Cleaning

When automatic litter boxes first graced the market they were generally considered to be quite noisy. At ChillX, we saw an opportunity to incorporate an optimized system that is both functional and virtually silent. By programming our mechanics to cycle at a reduced speed with an efficient motor we can ensure a silent job well done during every clean. 

With our innovation to minimize the noisiness of the AutoEgg this opened up the possibility to store the unit in almost any room in the house. With a sleek and minimalist design and not sound to be heard the AutoEgg blends seamlessly with any room in your home.

Maximum Safety

Cat safety is always our top priority at ChillX. While many other automatic litter boxes utilize a traditional rotating device or even a recycling system connected to drainage, we chose to fit the AutoEgg with a horizontal rake for a safer clean. Taking about 5 to 10 minutes to complete the cleaning cycle, owners can eliminate the risk of using an aggressive system and opt for something paced.  

Furthermore, the ‘Cat-Stuck Prevention’ sensor in the AutoEgg can detect any sudden movement in or around the unit and will pause the self-cleaning process immediately. Once the coast is clear the unit will slowly resume the cleaning process from where it left off.

Total Odor Control

A significant benefit of automatic litter boxes is the ability to trap and eliminate unwanted odors. The AutoEgg excels in preventing odors in a few different ways. Firstly, the hooded design contains any initial smells and dust within the unit. 

Next, the efficient cleaning process swiftly removes the waste from the litter bed, then traps it in the tightly concealed compartment towards the back. This fully enclosed waste drawer helps to prevent odors from escaping for up 1 week before requiring a change. 

Deep Cleaning & Minimized Litter Tracking

Cats are notorious for making a mess with their litter boxes. Felines have an instinct to dig and cover their waste, but if your kitty is feeling exceptionally playful (or even destructive), they could kick half their litter out of the box. Even if your cat is not a messy litter box user, the pesky litter particles tend to stick to their paws and track all over the house.

The AutoEgg was designed with a hooded covering to prevent kick out and uses a cellular tracking step to catch any of the particles from your cat's paws. 

Using a patent-pending 70-degree raking system the unit will slowly deep clean the litter bed and help to prevent any dust clouds in the process. 

Log To Track Your Cat's Health Data

At ChillX, we care about your fur baby’s health and strive to keep your cat healthy and happy when using our product. We've built our unit with a touch screen and sensory system that can keep track of your cat's health data as they use the AutoEgg. 

Using a combination of weight sensory triggers and timers the log will help to track and monitor your cat's weight, the weight of their waste, the time/date of the bathroom trip, how long they spent in there, and even if there's an abnormality you should look into!

For example, if your kitty keeps entering the box but isn't eliminating at all, this could signal a potential UTI or bladder infection. The system will recognize the pattern and flag these trips in red to alert the owner of something unusual. 

It can be difficult for us cat owners to spot subtle changes like this with our busy lifestyles. Luckily, the AutoEgg is the solution that can help keep track of it for you. 

Our Thoughts 

An automatic litter box can be a wise investment in both your convenience and your cat's overall well-being. With a multitude of functional capabilities, the AutoEgg is a clear winner for something that melds the worlds of ease and efficiency. 

Leave the scooping behind and take your litter box maintenance to a new level in 2021 with an automatic litter box. The AutoEgg can change the way we care for our pets and improve their quality of life one clean after another.