Why A Hooded Design For An Automatic Litter Box Makes All The Difference

Put A Lid On It! 

Many cat owners opt for a hooded litter box over an open-top design. Not only does it hide the litter from your sightline, but it also minimizes litter scatter and can reduce unwanted odors. 

A hooded design is a no brainer for us as feline parents, but what do our fur babies prefer, and is every cat different in that regard?  

Hooded Vs. No Hood. Which Do Our Cats Prefer?

It seems a hooded litter box serves us as owners more so than it does our kitties. One study found that 70% of cats show no preference between the two styles. 

Indeed, some felines like an enclosed design for a higher sense of security and privacy, but most aren’t too bothered whether their litter box has enclosed or totally open. 

Advantages For Cat Owners

At ChillX, we strategically designed an automatic litter box to appear inviting for your cat but also blend into your home without looking out of place or distasteful. 

We found the egg-shaped enclosed design offers both elements of aesthetics and functionality. Here are the main advantages of using a hooded automatic litter box like the AutoEgg.

Heavily Reduces Tracking & Kick Out

Digging and covering their poop is a natural instinct for all cats. However, some kitties get carried away and do this excessively, scattering litter (both dirty and clean) all over the floor outside of their litter box. 

But the mess doesn't always stop there. The litter particles easily stick to your cat’s paws, which can result in a tracking situation leaving a mess all over your house. If not kept under control, litter can end up on your feet, on the sofa, and even in your bed! Essentially anywhere that you kitty can roam you could run the risk of spreading those particles. 

Litter tracking is a cause for concern as it can spread feces, along with parasites or any zoonotic feline diseases your cat may have. When this happens, you and other members of the family can come into contact with these toxins if the problem isn't dealt with. 

A hooded design prevents litter from escaping from the sides and back of the automatic litter box. For added cleanliness, the AutoEgg features a cellular tracking step on the entryway. When your cat exits their litter box, the tracking pad collects the litter granules from their paws, keeping your floor clean and your house safe and hygienic.

Minimizing Dust & Odors

One of the primary benefits of a hooded unit is tackling the foul smell of cat poop! With the AutoEgg, the automatic cleaning commences 5 minutes after each use to ensure your cat is out of the unit and out of harm's way. 

If your cat has particularly nasty-smelling waste, you’ll know that the odor can rise up into the air rather quickly. Luckily, the box’s enclosed, hooded design prevents odors from escaping before the cleaning rake has had the chance to sift the waste into the compartment towards the back.

With manual litter boxes, a hooded design can be a concern as it traps the odors inside without any further action to conceal. Unless you scoop after each use, the enclosed style creates an unpleasant environment for your kitty to return to as they're not particularly inclined to use a messy litter box. 

With an automatic option that cleans at a gradual speed to minimize dust and trap in any debris or odors, you can virtually eliminate the issues of odor when it comes to litter. 

Easier Acclimation For Cats 

It’s no secret that cats love boxes! We designed the AutoEgg to look like an exciting cat cave for your kitty to explore. Some alternative looking automatic litter boxes with an open-top can seem intimidating for certain cats. 

However, the hooded AutoEgg appears inviting and stimulates the natural curiosity in your kitty. This makes the AutoEgg quick and easy for cats of all ages to adopt. 

The Element Of Privacy

If a cat doesn’t feel comfortable using their litter box, they can develop litter box anxiety and stop using it. Some felines need more privacy than others. A hooded design can significantly help put a cat’s nerves at ease if this is the case. This can be particularly helpful in busy households or homes with dogs or other cats where you may have a feline who would like to use the bathroom in peace.

Keep Your Home Looking Neat And Tidy

The hooded design and minimalistic style help it blend in with the furniture as you cannot see the litter box’s contents. Many cat owners find that open style designs stand out too much and look messy or out of place if they aren't hidden throughout the home. 

The clean, modern look of the AutoEgg complements all decors. Plus, it's compact enough to fit in any room in your home, keeping your space looking tidy, contemporary, and minimal. 

Keeping Dogs Out

If you have a dog, you’re likely familiar with canines’ obsession with cat poop and litter! Dogs are attracted to the smell of feline waste, and sad to say, are partial to the taste too. Trying to keep your dog out of the litter box can be extremely frustrating as an owner.

A hooded litter box makes it very difficult for medium and large-sized pups to access the deeper contents of the unit. It may not be so effective for small pups the same size as your cat, but the hooded design does help keep the litter out of their view and hopefully out of their minds.

An enclosed design element paired with a concealed waste compartment will surely help to reduce their attraction to the waste, or at least their access to it.

Easy Removal As Needed

Not all cats like a hooded litter box, and for some, it can make them feel trapped or claustrophobic if they can't see their surroundings while using the bathroom. 

Unlike some of the competitors, the AutoEgg offers the ability to remove the hood as a customizable feature to fit your cat's needs. This is great for kitties who like to have a full view of their space while they do their business. 

They can still enjoy the benefits of the AutoEgg but without the enclosed design and you as an owner never have to worry about reliable functionality. Removing the hood is straightforward, but we suggest that you also take off the tracking step to keep the box balanced as your kitty enters and exits.

Our Advice

As you can see, a hooded design is a top choice for an automatic litter box. That being said, if you’re transitioning from an open-top litter box to the AutoEgg, your cat will need to acclimate to it which can feel a bit tricky at first. 

To make this easier, we recommend placing the AutoEgg in the same spot as the previous litter box and using the same litter so they can quickly associate the unit as a new bathroom space. 

Lastly, what should you do if your feline struggles to adapt to the hooded design and displays litter box anxiety signs, such as peeing outside the box? In this case, remove the hood and wait until they are using it comfortably before trying it with the hood again. You can also keep the unit turned off for the first few uses so as to not scare them with the self-cleaning function.