Why The AutoEgg Is The Best Self Cleaning Litter Box For Large Cats

Does Size Matter?

Any large cat owner will agree that the bigger the cat, the better the cuddles! Large breed kitties make fantastic pets and fill your life with fun and endless affection. 

However, with a big cat like a Maine Coon or a Ragdoll, you have to consider your cat’s particular size whenever you buy a cat product as their proportions are not the "norm". The same goes if your kitty is on the heavier side weight-wise.

Shopping for your large feline can be difficult as many products such as litter boxes, scratching posts, and cat beds seem to be better suited to smaller breeds. 

When it comes to litter boxes, it’s vital to choose one that is big enough to keep them feeling comfortable.

At ChillX, we understand large cats pose a set of very unique needs, so we designed the AutoEgg to suit kitties of all sizes with some design innovation!

First, How Big Should Your Cat's Litter Box Be? 

In general, you should look for a litter box that is at least one and a half times the length of your cat. This will allow your fur baby to stand up and turn around comfortably. 

As well as having more space to move around. When kitties relieve themselves in nature, they’re not limited to a small rectangular sized box. So, of course, they don’t want to feel restricted when they eliminate indoors either.

Why Size Is Important

If the litter box is too small, your feline might feel uncomfortable using it, which can easily trigger litter box anxiety. If your cat feels anxious because there is not enough space to do their business, they might choose to hold it in. This can lead to painful UTIs and even bladder infections. 

On the other hand, your large kitty might choose to eliminate elsewhere, which is stressful for your cat and equally frustrating for you as the owner. 

Providing a more spacious litter box can help common litter avoidance issues and prevent accidents and health concerns.

5 Reasons Why The AutoEgg Is Ideal For Larger Cats

1) It's A Large Modeled Automatic Litter Box

The AutoEgg measures 30(L) x 19(W) x 17(H) inches. These dimensions fit to the happy medium between spacious and sleek for most owners and their cats. With a roomy design compared to alternative systems, the AutoEgg keeps things comfortable for entry while being compact enough to fit anywhere in your home.

2) Weight Sensors To Track Up To 14 lbs

The AutoEgg uses precise weight sensors to detect when your cat uses the tray and when they have left. The primary functions of the weight sensors are to initiate self-cleaning when needed and keep your feline safe. 

The sensors work most effectively with cats up to 14.4 lbs. (7 kg). However, AutoEgg can handle a lot more than that. The max load with litter and cat combined is 44 lbs. (20 kg), accommodating the majority of large-breed and overweight cats. While the health tracking system won't be able to accurately log those entries that are past the limit the self-cleaning trigger will still work consistently without issue. 

3) You Can Remove The Hood!

The hooded automatic litter box is in no short supply with the market, but one element that separates the AutoEgg from the rest is the option of customization. 

With the initial design for the AutoEgg we placed an emphasis on steering away from the idea that "one size fits all" and instead incorporated elements that can fit your cat and their spatial needs. 

Should your kitty feel the AutoEgg isn't quite roomy enough, you can turn the hooded style into an open-lid design in as little as 5 seconds. This adjustment is quick, hassle-free, and makes the litter box feel much more spacious for them to move around. Moreover, it eliminates any chance of your cat feeling claustrophobic and allows felines of all sizes to stand up and squat with ease.

If you choose to remove the hood, we recommend removing the tracking step as well to keep your litter box balanced and allow for even more space.

4) The Enclosure Prevents Scatter

No matter the size of their litter box our cats love to kick and scatter their litter, which derives from their natural instinct to dig and bury (how polite!). 

Bigger cats tend to have more strength and power, meaning the grains can get kicked around in every which direction. If your kitty is exceptionally messy, you will benefit from utilizing the hooded design to keep scatter to a minimum. Dually the cellular tracking step provides an additional touch to clear those paws of any particles upon their exit.

4) Accessible & Adaptable

Although size is an important consideration, an automatic litter box’s style and accessibility play a significant role in whether a cat likes and adapts to it. 

This is true for all sized cats. The box-shaped design with an arched entryway appeals to a kitties’ curiosity during the acclimation period. Moreover, the entry step is only 6 inches from the ground, so heavy felines or those with limited mobility will still feel that their litter box is accessible. 

5) How Big Can A Cat Get?

Standard sized cats with a healthy weight will typically reach no more than 10 lbs. Larger cat breeds will weigh between 10 and 15 lbs as full-grown adults. Maine Coons, however, are considered to be the largest domestic cat breed and can weigh up to an astonishing 20 lbs! These gentle giants boast oversized, fluffy coats, making them the perfect snuggle buddies. 

Despite their size, you can feel confident that with adjustable features and a functionality limit surpassing 44 lbs the AutoEgg is the right fit for every cat.

But What About Overweight Cats?

Judging if a cat is overweight or obese cannot be determined by their weight alone as all breeds have different ideal weights. Additionally, male cats tend to weigh a little more than females. 

The best way to know if your cat is overweight is to examine them. One common sign that your kitty’s weight is unhealthy is if it’s difficult to feel their ribs. Other warning signals are if their hips protrude and their abdomen is round. 

Be sure to follow up with their vet for tips to guide them towards a healthier weight over time. While they're on their journey make sure to accommodate their mobility and provide a bathroom space that is both roomy and accessible.

One feature most users enjoy is the health tracking system with the AutoEgg which will allow you to keep an eye on their weight log from every use. With these entries, you can accurately monitor their progress daily to see if they're gaining or losing.

Why AutoEgg?

A litter box that’s too small for your kitty is not only uncomfortable, but it could have detrimental effects in the long run. 

All cats are meticulous about their litter box set-up. If it isn’t to their liking, your feline may develop behavioral issues, anxiety, or even worse, health problems from resisting their bathroom space. 

Stay vigilant about which units make the most sense for your cat and their sizing. Check out the homepage to learn more about the AutoEgg and how it can transform your cat's litter box experience.