Why The Horizontal Raking System Makes For The Safest Automatic Litter Box

Our Top Priority

While most automatic litter boxes come well equipped with safety features and top-notch design elements, some systems certainly lead the pack. As cat owners ourselves, we understand that keeping your fur baby free from harm is always the number one priority.

The cleaning methods used in automatic litter boxes differ from system to system, and they’re not all equal in terms of safety and effectiveness. The AutoEgg works with a horizontal raking system that consists of a 70-degree cleaning rake and a zig-zag tray. The design accompanied with a highly optimized motor makes for a safer cycle after each use. 

Perhaps you have just purchased your AutoEgg and are interested in how the system works. Or, maybe you are still deciding which automatic litter box to choose. Either way, in this article, we’ll dive deep into the raking system of the AutoEgg and how it works to keep your cat safe and their litter looking spotless.

How Does A Horizontal Raking System Work?

The raking system of the AutoEgg works with motion sensors in the base to detect when your cat enters and exits the litter box.  

During a cleaning cycle, the rake moves gradually through the litter bed, separating the clumps and waste particles from the clean litter. It then transports the debris to a separate waste compartment below the litter bed, leaving only the unused granules in the tray. 

The Top Safety Features Of The AutoEgg

A Five-Minute Delay

Some cats tend to re-enter their litter box after they have just used it. Perhaps initially, they went to urinate, but shortly after realized that they also need to go number two. Moreover, if you have multiple cats at home, you may have noticed how one cat using the box can prompt another feline to use it too. Because of this, we programmed the system to wait five minutes before initiating a cleaning cycle, ensuring the coast is fully clear before things get started. 

Slow-Motion Raking System

The speed at which the rake moves through the tray is just one way a raking system minimizes the risk of cat injuries. From moving in slow motion, if your kitty was to dart into the box mid-clean, the moving component could not cause any harm to them. Compared to the traditional style rotating systems, the rake moves at a slower pace. Still, it doesn’t take 30 minutes, as some alternative methods do. In fact, even in slow motion, the AutoEgg takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete each clean, balancing safety and efficiency perfectly.

Gentle Action

In addition to the slow pace, the action of the rake is very gentle. In a rotating system, the globe not only rotates quickly but in some models, it can move vigorously. This carries a risk of trapping your cat’s tail, paw, or another body part should they jump into the unit. Moreover, we carefully designed the AutoEgg to ensure it has no sharp parts that could cut into your kitty’s skin.

Cat-Stuck Prevention Feature

Because safety is our priority here at ChillX, we fitted an auto-stop function that we call our ‘cat stuck prevention sensor.’ This function enables the cleaning cycle to stop instantly should it detect any sudden movement in the box. Therefore, even if your fur baby jumps inside at the speed of light, the system will pause before any danger can occur. Once this happens, the system will wait five minutes after your cat has left the unit to ensure they are far away before recommencing the cleaning. 

Quiet Operation

An automatic litter box that cleans quietly is an excellent benefit to cat owners, especially those who live in a small apartment. No one wants to be disturbed by their cat’s high-tech toilet self-cleaning multiple times a day, or worse, waking them up at night.

Aside from our convenience, a quiet cleaning cycle is a safer cleaning cycle. Cats are curious, and the more confident ones will go to investigate any strange or loud noise. Some units with rotating mechanisms create loud, rattling noises as they clean. With these units, your cat is more likely to go inside the box mid-clean to investigate. 

However, a horizontal raking system's advanced motor boasts a very silent operation, producing a sound no louder than a computer running. Many cats do not even notice the AutoEgg self-cleaning. Without a loud sound drawing their attention to it, there’s significantly less chance of your feline going inside the box during a cleaning cycle. 

Other Advantages Of A Horizontal Raking System 

As well as being a safe cat product, an automatic litter box with a raking system creates a cleaner and more hygienic environment for your cat to do their business. The tray of the AutoEgg is zig-zag shaped so that when the rake moves through it, it can capture the tiniest waste particles and remove any debris stuck to the sides. This results in minimal tray residue, which is excellent news for you, as the cleaner the tray stays, the fewer deep cleans you’ll have to do!

The effectiveness of a horizontal raking system also means that minimal clean litter goes to waste. As the rake can precisely separate the dirty granules from clean ones, you’ll find a bag of cat litter lasts much longer than before. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, an automatic litter box with a horizontal raking system is the safest and most dependable type of unit you can get. But along with keeping your cat safe, the system’s effective cleaning will keep them happy and healthy too. Check out the homepage to learn about other cool features of the AutoEgg.