Will An Automatic Litter Box Help To Prevent Dust?

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One of the main frustrations pet owners have with manual litter trays is the amount of dirt and dust it creates during a cleaning. So naturally, when choosing to upgrade to an automatic litter box such as the AutoEgg, you’ll want to know if your self-cleaning unit will put a pause on the dust.

Preventing dust and other loose debris was one of the key components to designing something like the AutoEgg. We included a series of design and functionality elements that can tackle this problem from start to finish for cat owners.

But why exactly is preventing litter kick or dust so important for owners?

Is Dust From Cat Litter Considered Harmful?

Is cat litter dust harmful to cats and humans?

The truth is dust from cat litter can have negative impacts on both you and your kitty. Inhaling too much litter dust can lead to difficulty breathing and upper respiratory issues in humans and felines if the issue isn't properly managed. 

Moreover, many clay clumping litters contain a toxic chemical known as sodium bentonite which should not be inhaled. This chemical is present in the dust created when your kitty digs around rapidly in their box before and after a bathroom trip. 

There is concern that this ingredient can cause intestinal blockages if ingested. However, your cat would need to inhale a substantial amount of dust for this to be a real concern. Nonetheless, it's always a positive idea to limit everyone's exposure.

If your cat’s poop contains toxoplasmosis, inhaling the dust from the contaminated litter will put you at risk of catching the parasitic disease. This can be extremely harmful to pregnant women as toxoplasmosis can lead to fetal neurological damage, miscarriage, or other complications. This is why health professionals strongly advise pregnant women not to scoop or change cat litter during their term.

How Does The AutoEgg Prevent Dust?

So now you know the dangers of litter box dust, let’s explore exactly how the AutoEgg reduces your exposure to it daily.

A Hooded Design 

One of the top reasons dust is so prevalent with traditional litter trays is because they are often open-top styles with low sides. Therefore, whenever you top up the litter or your kitty kicks around in the tray, dust and toxins get into the airways and spread. This design is notorious for creating a layer of dust and direct surrounding the litter tray.

The dome-shaped cover of the AutoEgg keeps everything contained within the unit. Except for the entrance, the unit is fully enclosed, resulting in superior dust and odor control and minimal litter tracking. A litter box with a hood can do wonders in keeping your home clean and minimizing toxins that escape into the air.

A Slower Mechanism

The AutoEgg's horizontal rake operates at a slower rate than traditional rotating systems. The cleaning rake gently moves through the litter bed in gradual motion, creating almost no dust whatsoever throughout the process. 

In comparison, other automatic litter boxes that utilize a rotating globe design may have a slightly faster cleaning process. Still, the speed can fill the unit with dust, which can be harmful to your cat’s health when they next use the litter box. By slowing down the cleaning process and utilizing a gentler action, the system can perform a quiet and safe clean each time. Despite this, each cycle only takes roughly 5 to 10 minutes to complete. 

A Cellular Tracking Step

We utilized a cellular tracking step on the entryway of the AutoEgg. As this is the only part of the box that is not fully enclosed, we wanted to minimize the amount of litter and dust that can escape from this area. 

Tactically placed, your fur baby has to walk over the tracking pad to enter or exit. The smart design will catch any litter grains from your feline’s paws as they leave and return them to the litter bed below. This small but creative feature has many practical benefits. As well as preventing litter dust, it reduces litter usage, keeps the floor clean and hygienic, and maintains clean, fresh air in your home. 

The Enclosed Waste Compartment

When designing the waste drawer, we took great care to ensure it will contain all odor and dust. We did this by tightly concealing all parts of the compartment, making sure there are no gaps for litter particles or dust to get through. That way, the AutoEgg can swiftly trap waste after every use, keeping your home free of toxins and foul smells.  

Other Things To Consider

Low-Dust Clay Litters

Along with choosing an automatic litter box with optimal dust prevention, you should also consider the cat litter you use. Some clay clumping litter can create a fair amount of dust, but many low-dust versions are available as well. Two of our favorites are ‘Arm and Hammer Clump and Seal’ and ‘Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Clumping’. 

However, it may be a case of trying a few to see which one you and your fur baby like the most. Luckily, with the AutoEgg, you have many choices because it's compatible with almost all traditional hard-clumping clay cat litters available.

Pregnancy And Cat Litter

A self-cleaning litter box like the AutoEgg is a much safer litter box for pregnant cat owners. Even so, it’s worth remembering that the waste compartment will require emptying every 4 to 7 days, depending on how many cats use the litter box. Therefore, if you are pregnant, we suggest asking another household member, friend, or neighbor to lend a hand and help with a quick change.

Finally, although it can present the most danger to pregnant women, cat litter dust can be harmful to anyone, especially those with compromised immune systems. 

Therefore, a litter box with optimal dust prevention is a must when it comes to looking after the health of you, your fur baby, and the rest of your household.