10 Ways To Show Your Cat Some Love This Valentine’s Day

Just A Little Love

It has become the norm for many pet owners to involve their fur babies in their holiday festivities. In our opinion, Valentine’s Day is one of the best holidays to celebrate with your kitty and share a little love. 

Luckily, cats love to be the center of attention, so they are bound to welcome the extra affection from you. Plus spending some time with our furry friends reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, and relieves loneliness. 

So, even if you find yourself together or solo this Valentine’s day, you’ll feel much better focusing your attention on cherishing your kitty than reaching for the chocolates. We’ve put together our top 10 ways to show you adoration to your beloved pet this Valentine’s.  

1) Take A Nap Together

10 Ways To Show Your Cat Some Love This Valentine’s Day cat snuggled up with their owner

Many cats like to sleep close to their owners as it makes them feel warm and safe. If you don’t usually let your kitty sleep on your bed at night, perhaps you could make an exception just this once? 

Alternatively, if your feline usually cuddles up with you at night, why not surprise them by taking a daytime nap with them too? Hold your kitty close and feel those oxytocin levels increase. 

2) Bake Some Cat Safe Treats

10 Ways To Show Your Cat Some Love This Valentine’s Day overhead flat lay of pink table with baking supplies and flour

While you can find many yummy treats on the market, they don’t compare to snacks made at home with love. Making homemade cat treats is easier than you think, and you probably already have the required ingredients in your kitchen. 

Many store-bought pet treats contain colors, additives, and other nasties (nothing suitable for a Valentine's day celebration). Making your own is bound to be a lot healthier for your kitty, and tastier too!

3) Give Them A Gift

10 Ways To Show Your Cat Some Love This Valentine’s Day cat playing on top of a new toy

A special occasion like Valentine’s day is an ideal time to buy that cool new cat product you’ve had your eye on. There are some awesome robo-toys on the market at the moment, such as app-controlled mouses and automatic lasers. 

If your cat has a lot of energy, these will provide hours of fun. On the other hand, if your kitty’s not so playful, you could treat them to an extra soft and comfy blanket or cat bed (assuming they'll actually use it and not just sleep in the nearest Amazon box).

4) Try A Little Massage!

10 Ways To Show Your Cat Some Love This Valentine’s Day giving your cat a massage

All cats have a sweet spot where they can’t resist being stroked. For most, it’s around the head and neck, and your kitty is guaranteed to welcome a little massage there. 

When feeling safe and content, many kitties love having their belly rubbed too. If your cat is chillaxing and rolls over, showing their belly to you, offer them a belly massage and enjoy their satisfied purrs. 

5) Make Time For An Extra Long Play Session

10 Ways To Show Your Cat Some Love This Valentine’s Day

If you frequently feel bad for not having enough time to play with your fur baby, now is your chance to make it up to them. Dedicate some time to play with your cat with no distractions. 

Even if you have an older feline who isn’t one for running around the house, you can still entertain them. Try a puzzle toy that dispenses treats or a stimulating cat game app on your phone or tablet. Spending quality time with them can mean more than you think. A little play date will help to elevate their mood and make the day feel special.

6) Treat Them To A Special Meal

10 Ways To Show Your Cat Some Love This Valentine’s Day Cat eating a fancy meal out of a bowl

Despite how fast your kitty gobbles up their dinner every day, they do notice the difference between their usual cat food and a tastier, higher-quality meal. 

On Valentine’s Day and other special occasions, it’s a nice idea to treat your cat to a more premium cat food brand. Better yet, cook some fish or chicken yourself! Just make sure it's prepared plain and in a safe way for your kitty.

7) Put Catnip In Their Favorite Toy

10 Ways To Show Your Cat Some Love This Valentine’s Day

Some felines go crazy over catnip, while others become relaxed and calm with it. If you’ve never tested your cat’s reaction to catnip, why not try it out for the holiday?

Catnip is completely safe for cats, and most enjoy it. Our favorite ways to introduce the herb are sprinkling it on their bed or stuffing it in a soft toy of theirs.

8) Deep Clean Their Litter Box

10 Ways To Show Your Cat Some Love This Valentine’s Day

Other than cuddles and stroking, do you know what contributes to your cat’s happiness the most? A clean litter tray! A hygienic litter box can make a massive difference to your kitty’s wellbeing, and regular scooping alone doesn't quite equate to a full deep clean. 

Even if your feline is lucky enough to have an automatic litter box like the AutoEgg, it will still require a full disassembly clean now and again.

Deep cleaning means discarding all of the current litter, cleaning all parts of the box, and refilling it with fresh litter. We recommend deep cleaning the AutoEgg every 2 to 6 weeks. 

We know this can feel quite tedious, so we’ve made it super easy to disassemble and clean the unit. You can check out the how-to video here.

9) Take Them For A Vet Check

10 Ways To Show Your Cat Some Love This Valentine’s Day cat getting a vet check up

Okay, so your kitty won’t understand this, but taking your cat for a health check-up is the most significant way to show you care (even if they aren't too keen on it). 

If we want our cats to be happy (which, of course, we all do), we need to ensure they are healthy. Cat’s are masters at hiding pain and illness, so the only way to know that our fur baby is in tip-top condition is to visit the vet. Granted, it’s not the nicest way to spend Valentine’s Day, but you can shower them with affection and treats after!

10) Volunteer At A Local Shelter

10 Ways To Show Your Cat Some Love This Valentine’s Day

Most animal lovers have a big heart with a lot of love to go around. Valentine’s day is the time to spread that love far and wide. After treating your fur baby, why not spend some time with the cats at your local shelter?

Sharing your love and affection with some rescue kitties will make their day much more special. If you have the time, you could even spend the whole day volunteering. 

You’ll make the shelter cats’ lives a little brighter, and you’ll feel warm and fuzzy inside too. However, be warned, you won’t want to leave without bringing one home!

Contrary to popular belief, felines can be extremely affectionate and loving with their owners. In fact, they are probably more likely to make you feel loved on this special day than your partner is! Therefore, embrace spending the day of love with your furry companion.