4 Tips For Acclimating Your Cat To An Automatic Litter Box

Acclimating Can Be Easy!

Cats are the undefeated champions of curiosity. Always on the prowl for new and exciting spaces to scope out and inhabit. But what do you do if the one place that you need them to like, their automatic litter box, doesn’t quite cut it for your furry friend? A challenge every cat owner has faced at one point or another. Why won't my cat use their new litter box? We all love our cats to pieces, but change can be a stubborn process when you’ve got a feline who just won’t break from what they're used to. Luckily we’ve got some tips and tricks to help you out!

Big adjustments can be hard for our cats, especially when they’re a little older and wiser. For the AutoEgg, we’ve compiled some innovative and customizable ways to help your fur baby feel comfortable with their new favorite automatic litter box. Let’s break it down!

1) Same place! 

Acclimating your cat to a new litter box

Sometimes familiar feels good! We like to recommend placing the AutoEgg in the same location as your old litter box to help build a familiar bathroom space for your cat or kitten. Building trust through their surrounding areas gives your cat a sense of safety and security while you help them adjust and feel comfortable!

2) Familiar scents!

Cats are naturally curious about new spaces and their new litter box

As much as our cats enjoy familiar surroundings, nothing feels more foreign than a litter box without their scent! Try adding a few cups of litter from the old litter box into your new one (hear us out!). The scent of their old litter will help your cat to assume "if it smells like my bathroom, it's gotta be my bathroom! Right?” and better acclimate to their new device. Additionally, with the AutoEgg self-cleaning litter box there’s no fancy litter needed! For optimal results, we love to recommend Tidy Cats Instant Action (for better clumping) and 24/7 Performance Litter (for better odor control).

3) Try treats! 

Make your cat feel more comfortable

Cat treats are a fantastic way to encourage exploration and rewards for good behavior! Placing a treat or catnip near or inside the AutoEgg can help give your cat positive reinforcement while they're around the automatic litter box. Consistency is key, so we recommend trying this method a few times over to fully acclimate your cat or kitten.

4) Lose the hood! 

Cats love to see their surroundings when using a new litter box

Most cats love burrowing into confined spaces, a cardboard box becomes a palace for our feline friends. But not every cat is so inclined to approach unfamiliar territory, let alone assume it to be their new porcelain palace. Some of our furry friends can be a bit anxious when it comes to using an automatic litter box. So what do I do to help ease my cat’s anxiety? Try to create a more inviting space by removing the hood to the AutoEgg. Leaving an open-top gives your cat full access to survey their surroundings and feel more comfortable as they adjust. To make sure your AutoEgg is still properly balanced you can also remove the tracking pad.

Change isn't always easy for our cats (or us!). So how does one persuade the masters of attitude and ritual for such a major change? Combating stubborn ways and working to guide your cat into a new bathroom routine is a hardship most pet owners would prefer not to tackle.

Taking the time to customize the introductory experience for your cat and their new automatic litter box is an invaluable part of the process that always pays off! We hope these tips and tricks will help your cat to feel more comfortable and better acclimate to their new litter box in no time! Learn more about the ChillX AutoEgg by on our FAQ page to check out all of our specs and features.