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Like with any high-tech electronic device, you may occasionally experience a problem with an automatic litter box. If you’ve recently got your AutoEgg or are wary of tech in general, it can be worrying when things don't go as planned. However, rest assured that you can rectify the vast majority of automatic litter box issues both quickly and easily. We're here to help!

To put your mind at ease, we’ve created a helpful guide to dealing with the most common troubleshooting issues of the AutoEgg in particular. Whether you're seeking immediate help or preparing for the worst make sure to bookmark this page as your go-to reference for all things troubleshooting.

The 3 Most Common Trouble Shooting Issues With The AutoEgg

1) Unresponsive Screen

Is your touchscreen not responding? First of all, it may simply be that you are not pressing down for long enough. Because the AutoEgg uses a capacitive sensor, it’s always best to use a long and firm press when interacting with the display panel.

If the screen doesn’t respond to a long press, it’s likely that there is litter stuck under the panel, making it unresponsive. We find this to be the problem 9 out 10 times, and luckily, it’s an easy fix. 

How To Fix It:

To get the screen working again, you will need to remove the litter granules that are wedged under the panel. Because the AutoEgg uses small particle clumping clay litter, removing loose particles isn't too difficult. You can use a needle, a thin strip of hard plastic, or even a toothpick to remove the debris.  

  1. Press your tool into one side underneath the panel, move it up and down, and repeat the action on the other sides. 
  2. Don’t be afraid to press it in deep if needed; this won’t damage the screen (we promise!). 
  3. Once the granules are out, gently press down on all four corners of the screen at the same time until the touchscreen resumes functionality. 

If you want a visual guide, check out our troubleshooting video for unresponsive screens. 

Top Tip: Your AutoEgg comes with a protective cover over the display panel. We recommend keeping this on to prevent any debris from getting beneath the panel or screen scratches. 

2) Confusion Between Manual And Auto Mode 

Every AutoEgg is set to automatic mode by default. If like most users, you want to use the self-cleaning method, there’s no need to adjust the setting otherwise. 

It’s common for people to assume they need to set this up before use and press the “Rake” button on the display panel. However, this is the button to switch it to manual mode. If you press “Rake”, the system will send the rake to one side, but it will stay there and won’t return on its own like it would in auto mode.

The unit will not initiate any cleaning cycles unless it's prompted by the rake button once it's in manual mode.

How To Fix It: 

If you accidentally set your automatic litter box to manual mode, don’t stress! The easiest way to switch it back is to unplug the unit, wait 10 seconds, and then replug. 

This will completely reset the system right back to auto mode. You can then check that the cleaning mode is set to “Automatic” and not “Manual” in the display panel’s settings menu.

How To Test The Functionality Of Your Automatic Litter Box

After resetting your AutoEgg, you may want to check that it is functioning correctly. To do this, follow this functionality testing guide:

  1. Prepare two items - a lightweight item to simulate your cat’s waste (you can use the litter scooper for this) and something that weighs over 4.4 lbs (2kg) to simulate your feline. 
  2. Unplug, then replug the unit to restart the system.
  3. Place both items in the litter tray.
  4. Wait ten seconds, then remove the heavier item simulating your cat.
  5. Wait another 30 seconds for the display panel to show the log. 
  6. Lastly, wait 5 to 6 minutes for a self-cleaning cycle to begin.

Top Tip: Press the “Sensor” button in the settings menu to reset the weight sensors.

If you’re still unsure, check out our walkthrough video on testing your AutoEgg’s functionality. 

3) Problems Attaching The Lid

Whenever you deep clean the AutoEgg or top up the litter, you will need to take off the lid to gain access to the litter bed. Putting it back on can be a little tricky as it needs to align properly to fit into the grooves of the panel. 

How To Properly Attach The Lid:

  1. First, use the handy pegs at the back of the base to align the top cover. Starting with the "butt" of the lid first will make guiding the sides much easier. 

  2. Then guide both sides inch by inch from back to front to secure it into place. The first time you try this, you may fumble slightly, but you will get a feel for it after a few tries. 

  3. Once it’s aligned all the way, run your hands along the sides to ensure it's smooth and properly fitting into the panel.

  4. Lastly, apply pressure by pressing the top of the lid down and inwards as you move your hands toward the opening of the box. 

Confused? Watch this handy video for visual tips for putting the lid on.

4) Cleaning Rake Won't Stay On

If your cleaning rake keeps falling off, it’s likely not that it's not fully attached. Check if there is a gap between the side of the rake and the motor housing unit. 

When properly connected, there should be no gap here. Check both sides because even if one side is not correctly attached, it can cause the rake cover to pop off. 

How To Fix It:

To fix this, grab the underside of the back of the motor and pull up. You will see the rake’s teeth move away from the tray, and the force of your squeeze will realign the rake at the edge of the motor housing.

If your rake continues to fall off, check out this video for a deeper explanation of the rake setup and additional tips for reattaching it. 

Some Final Thoughts

This troubleshooting guide and our helpful videos will allow you to fix common AutoEgg issues in no time. However, if you’re still having issues or you think you have a more severe problem with your AutoEgg, get in touch! You can message us for additional support via Facebook Messenger or by emailing We’re always here to help!

Visit our homepage here to learn more about the specs of the AutoEgg and certain functional capabilities you may not know about it!