ChillX AutoEgg

ChillX Waste Drawer Liners / Bags

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ChillX waste drawer liners, designed to perfectly fit the AutoEgg!

  • Designed to fit with the exact dimension of our waste drawer
  • 20 Bags per Roll
  • Extra Thick Lining (18 Microns)
  • Eco-Friendly
    • Made from Corn
    • 100% Biodegradable - 90 Days
    • 100% Compostable

New orders for reconditioned units will be shipped out in 3-7 business days due to ultra-high demand at the moment.

Customer Reviews

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Jess L.

These liners are great. Rarely does my Roger rip through them when using the litter box. I only wish they came in circular box shape. The rectangular shape does make them more likely to spill. That said, I think these liners are the best ones in the market right now. I love the price on top of that. I will be a returning customer without a doubt.

Richard D.
Lie easier

These make my life so much easier. They are heavy-duty, assuring no leakage. I'm getting up-there in age and these have reduced the amount of bending, and have eliminated scraping. My only complaint is the cost. I have three rescued kitties, named Nina, Sam, and Milo, who all demand their own box and I'm on a fixed income. 5 stars still though. Milo usually usually takes months to adjust to new litter boxes but he took to the AutoEgg in a major way. The combo of these liners and the AutoEgg are a must.

Linda M.
RIP rip!

Rip resistant!

High volume

Kaylynn N.
Love the value

The value is outstanding. We mostly use them in the kitchen and we overload them. They're holding up well.

Christine D.
They do the job

They do the job. We use them for paper recycling as it must be in a clear bag here.

Sona F.
Very good

Very very good quality. Never rips at the slightest touch

Cortney Z.
Thanks for carrying them

I'm so happy to have found compostable bags to use for cleaning the cat's litter box. I hated to be adding more plastic to my trash. It's a little something I can do for the environment. Thank you for carrying them.

George R.
We love it

These bags are heavy duty and make cleaning out the waste bin easy! We love our ChillX liners!

Gabriela M.
My kitties love the smell of the bag too?

Love love love my Chill X liners. First come across the ad online and fell in love. My new kittens loves it as well. I just wish they were cheaper because I can’t buy this every month based on the price.

We sorry to hear that. If there’s anything we can do please let us know.

Lance C.
Amazing but be careful

I am pleased with these bags because I know that they won’t end up in landfills or in the ocean. They are thin but I think that that is how all biodegradable plastic bags are. Just be careful when they are filled and heavy. Haven’t had one break but I am cautious.

If there’s anything we can do to upgrade your experience, let us know. Thanks Lance.

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Great product

Great product and great helpful responses through email

Great service!

I bought this product and have had great customer service with my issues. I wish I had no issues tho lol.

The pad for this…

The tracking pad and enclosed hood is something I've been looking for and found and enjoyed. Wish it was bigger though.


I am so happy I decided to buy this litter box. It's the best one I've ever bought.

My cats love it badly!

My cats love the Auto Egg and can't get enough of it even though it's not good for 2 cats per unit. That's why I have 3 Auto Eggs!