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ChillX Waste Drawer Liners / Bags

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ChillX waste drawer liners, designed to perfectly fit the AutoEgg!

  • Designed to fit with the exact dimension of our waste drawer
  • 20 Bags per Roll
  • Extra Thick Lining (18 Microns)
  • Eco-Friendly
    • Made from Corn
    • 100% Biodegradable - 90 Days
    • 100% Compostable

Customer Reviews

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Good Quality.

These waste bags are good quality. I tried using an old plastic shopping bag and because it didn’t fit well it got caught in the drawer and tore, which made a mess. These bags are really thick and they’re made for the drawer size so they won’t get caught or have any issues. Not free though!

Accept No Substitutes

I think the bag is part of the the ChillX AutoEgg product, it “comes with the territory” in a good way because it enhances the overall product. What do I like best about ChillX AutoEgg? Odor control. The tight-fitting rake mechanism they’ve invented keeps litter cleaner than you’ll ever accomplish by hand which leaves litter FRESH. Well, the bag FITS with that concept. It is made of biodegradable corn biomass, it smells nice, and it is thick, so when waste is raked into it, the odor is absorbed and cancelled out, and it won’t break while your disposing of it. I’ve seen people suggest using grocery plastic, please, really??

Good But Other Options Needed

ChillX has actually achieved something unique with its biodegradable bags. We’ve been hearing about biodegradable replacements for plastics for years and I’ve never seen one in a consumer product, we’re even having to pay at the grocery store to use a bag because supposedly the biodegradable kind weren’t available. So yes, I am impressed at ChillX’s accomplishment, but people make a significant investment when they buy an AutoEgg, which is worth it because it’s engineered to actually work, but couldn’t they give the option of a less expensive non-biodegradable bag for consumers? I realize you can substitute in a similar-size bag to the drawer but it won’t be durable or have odor-control properties, I would have appreciated a less fancy option for the bag.


The market leader for a reason - they are of a tremendous quality and if you care about quality then these are the bags for you. A no brainer.

Just use normal bags!

These bags are fine. Literally they are just fine.
No bag for cat waste should cost that much but for that kind of price tag I better be pretty impressed. They’re just garbage bags that fit the size of the drawer.
I would rather have something that doesn’t fit the drawer as well but doesn’t burn a hole in my pocket.

Easy to reorder and fast delivery

Using the ChillX website to reorder is really easy when it comes time.

Good for Nature and Your Cat!

I'm a bit of nature nut so the number one selling point on these liners for me is that they are 100% biodegradable. That means no inorganic materials are going to the landfill like with a plastic grocery bag.

Best of all, they work. They kinda smell good too. All good stuff.

Cheaper than other biodegradable bags

I am very environmentally conscious. In a multi-cat household (5 cats), with 5 litter boxes, finding an eco friendly option to dispose of cat waste is challenging. Most others I looked at (and bought once) before buying these were very narrow, and meant to use when cleaning up your dog's waste while in public places. Those don't allow you to fit the litter scooper inside at all, and can get messy real quick. But these compostable litter bags are great for the most part! They are plenty large enough to fit the scoop inside the bag, with room to spare, and they are easy to tie up and just throw away. They also do a great job of containing the odors too. They are big and very sturdy! I knew it's the cheapest biodegradable bags you can get, but I just wish it was cheaper so I can buy way more.

Exceptional bags.

I have had issues with other bags snapping in the past and poor quality showing through but no such issues here. Highly recommended.

Won't get any other

Myself and my partner swear by these bags, won't use any other.

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Good Quality.

These waste bags are good quality. I tried using an old plastic shopping bag and because it didn’t fit well it got caught in the drawer and tore, which made a mess. These bags are really thick and they’re made for the drawer size so they won’t get caught or have any issues. Not free though!

Long way home

Great product but the box arrived damaged

On Their Way

They are almost there I’d say, almost to the point they need to be where someone could be happy with their product. Let me give the analogy of a printer. If yours can run for months without getting jammed that’s good but changing cartridges is a hassle. If it runs for months without running out of toner, that’s hassle free. Not going to be a cheap printer, but hassle-free. ChillX has made scooping convenient where others have failed but, the AutoEgg cleaning, and changing the waste bag and replacing the litter isn’t streamlined enough to consider this the hassle-free technology. They need need to enlarge the waste drawer and automate those functions, in 10 years it will be hassle-free I predict.

Ummm, Worth It

I bought the ChillX AutoEgg and profited from my investment. Time is money. A cat-lover colleague recommended ChillX AutoEgg and we've saved SOOO much time. We just load fresh clay litter, turn it on, it drags a close fitting rake across the zig-zag tray and it’s clean every time. I can look at my cat's weight log and know if something's wrong right away, or text the data to my vet. It's safe, quiet, and keeps the litter clean with no work. I toss a bag of waste from a drawer weekly, and occasionally take 15 minutes to wash it. One of my biggest household chores now GONE. $400 for an appliance that saves this much time totally pays for itself.

Important Information

I’m excited to have this product in my home, for the first time I’m not cleaning up litter scattered everywhere and I’m not working nearly as hard as I used to on my cats. This is a very positive development. I’m now able to monitor the activity of my two cats with an electronic log. I noticed a change in the pattern a few months ago, found out one of my cats was diabetic.