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ChillX Waste Drawer Liners / Bags

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ChillX waste drawer liners, designed to perfectly fit the AutoEgg!

  • Designed to fit with the exact dimension of our waste drawer
  • 20 Bags per Roll
  • Extra Thick Lining (18 Microns)
  • Eco-Friendly
    • Made from Corn
    • 100% Biodegradable - 90 Days
    • 100% Compostable

Customer Reviews

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Debra D.

I love these liners and the things ChillX are doing to help out the world and most importantly cat filled households. I bought 8 packas yesterday yay.

Tami M.
Chill X dot come baby

I found just rolling the edge a few times and pushing them into place works the best. I suggest everyone and their mama buy these liners from the website

Crissy J.
These work great!

These work great! Very durable and easy cleanup when changing out litter bags! Just be sure you use these on de-clawed kitties!

Tamara H.
not sure all features necessary

Great that they’re biodegradable, made of corn, very sustainable, but I’m not persuaded all the features they contain were necessary, so perhaps they could sell something for a little less that lacked these features. I’m just saying. I think ChillX sees it as part of their commitment to design quality into the Autoegg but I am not convinced these bags are particularly special when it comes to adressing the customer and the cat’s needs. I am tempted to use grocery bags as a substitute..

Jordan D.

Finally a bag is biodegradable and durable!

Laura B.
Buy these

These liners fit perfectly, are durable, and are priced fairly. I tried regular plastic bags and they work but not as well. I recommend using these liners as they fit this model correctly.

Brittan B.

Handy, tough never tear for my cat, litter box liners.

Ana R.

I had to stretch it over large litter box. It is a good quality. It doesn't tear from cat scratching. Not worth the price at all trhough.

Nina N.
Fits well and makes cleanup much easier

Fits well and makes cleanup much easier

roseann h.
Fancy But Why?

Fancy concept but for a litter box? Biodegradable bags aren’t necessary. At least have a nonbiodegradable option on the menu to save us some money. Wish they were cheaper, and when I’ve ordered they’ve shipped with dust on them. Will just use a plastic bag of the same size instead sorry!

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Don't last long

Unfortunately, they don't last very long. Fortunately, I got free replacement from them under warranty.

1 small con

The "clumps" stick to(in) the grate - making a nasty mess to clean up (scrape off). Other than that I love everything else about the product

I recommend the Chill X Auto Egg

I recommend the Chill X Auto Egg

My fatty loves it

One of my cats is 17lb, she’s a fatty lol. She loves the Auto-Egg though

Better than okay

It works better than okay but it will get stuck some times and it is kinda louder than I thought it would be. The experience is pretty good overall