8 Cat Breeds That Absolutely Love Automatic Litter Boxes

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Do you have a cat that loves to hide in small places and will squeeze itself into the tiniest space it can? If so, your kitty will absolutely love an automatic litter box like the AutoEgg.

Knowing just how much cats love boxes, we specifically designed the AutoEgg to appeal to that common feline interest. The AutoEgg has a hooded top, enclosed sides and back, and a curved egg shape up top, making it look well protected and inviting for exploration. 

One thing cat people love the most about felines is their unique personalities. If you have a multi-cat household, you’ll know just how different they can be from each other. The breed of the cat can also play a role in their personality and behavioral habits. Some cat breeds love to explore and hide in small places more than others, and therefore, adore automatic litter boxes. 

These eight cat breeds are known for squeezing into gaps, sleeping under bedsheets, and hiding in your handbag! If you’re lucky enough to own one of these breeds, you can be sure they will welcome a self-cleaning litter box like the AutoEgg and acclimate in no time!

1) British Shorthair

The elegant British Shorthairs are much more zen than action-oriented. More often than not, they will choose to chill in a small, cozy spot rather than race around the home. They are also highly adaptable, coping better with change than most other breeds. If you introduce your British Shorthair to a self-cleaning litter box, they will take to it quickly and then shower you with affection to express their gratitude! 

2) Burmese

Burmese cats tend to be more homebodies than adventurers. They are happy to stay inside and find activity and entertainment within the safety of the home, making them the ideal breed if you want to keep your cat indoors. We don't have to tell you, keeping an indoor cat means your litter box care will need to be top-notch.

Burmese will find small spots to rest and sleep, like under the bed, in your socks drawer, or the bathroom sink. Being an affectionate cat breed, when they’re not seeking out small places, they’ll be following you around the house and coming to you for cuddles.

3) Exotic Shorthair

These adorable and unique kitties are calm and affectionate cats. They seek out warmth and comfort, whether that’s in the lap of their owner or the laundry basket after a fresh load from the dryer comes out. They’re not ones for intense activity and prove to be the perfect companion for cat lovers looking for a mellow and loving feline. Because they seek the comfort of being low-key they'll often scurry to the nearest hiding spot. This makes them ideal to adapt to something like an automatic litter box!

4) Birman

Birman cats are another breed that originated from Burma. Like their Burmese cousins, Birmans are pretty laid back and are happy to stay in small and confined spaces. 

Even so, they do have a playful side where they will explore and play in cardboard boxes, climb shelves, and play in your bedsheets. Your Birman cat will see their new AutoEgg as another object to explore and play in, acclimating to it instantly.

5) Russian Blue

These stunning kitties are beautiful, loveable, and inquisitive felines. They possess just the right balance between neediness and independence as well as play and rest. 

When relaxed, they’ll find the warmest, coziest spot to snuggle up. In contrast, when they get a burst of energy, they’ll be climbing up towers and leaping into boxes. As one of the most curious cat breeds, they are sure to love their new AutoEgg. 

6) Scottish Fold 

These unique-looking cats boast the cutest little ears due to a natural dominant-gene mutation that causes their ears to remain folded. These owl-style kitties are intelligent and highly adaptable to new things. 

Unlike most cat breeds, Scottish Fold kitties don’t get too stressed about changes in their routine. Therefore, they won’t freak out if you swap their traditional litter box for a high-tech, self-cleaning version. 

7) American Shorthair

American Shorthairs are one of the most popular cat choices across the US. They are another breed that adapts well to new environments and situations. They have a super mellow nature and will not get flustered or anxious about environmental changes, such as a new litter box. 

Aside from their low-maintenance and easygoing character, they are known for their affectionate behavior towards their owners.

8) Siamese

Siamese cats are famed for their chattiness and mischievous streaks. However, they are probably the most intelligent cat breeds too. 

Moreover, they are extremely curious and love to explore, especially box-like objects they can enter inside. There is no part of the house that these cats will not investigate and nothing too high to climb. Therefore, your Siamese kitty will probably be inside their new AutoEgg before you’ve had the chance to set it up. 

So Why Do Cat's Love Small Spaces Anyway?

It is a feline’s instinct to seek out and take shelter in small places. This is because they offer a sense of safety and security. Wild cats look for secluded spaces to sleep, give birth, and hide from predators.

However, although they may love the security they get from a cardboard box or drawer, it doesn’t mean your cat is stressed or scared. For most kitties, a box or enclosed space is the perfect spot to take a moment to chill and ‘cat nap.’ Just like you feel a sense of comfort from your bed and sofa, kitties find laying in tiny spots cozy and soothing. 

Moreover, it’s not just the size of a space that felines consider. Cats will also opt for warm and dark areas, increasing the feeling of safety and comfort further.

Our Thoughts 

Although these cats adore automatic litter boxes, it doesn’t mean other breeds won’t take to the AutoEgg. The unit’s design proves to be inviting and intriguing to most kitties as they slowly acclimate. However, if your cat does seem cautious of their new bathroom space, check out our helpful acclimation tips.