Learn How You Can Make Sure Your Cat Loves Their New Automatic Litter Box

An Easy Transition!

Here at ChillX, we know just how important it is to transition your cat smoothly to a new litter box. If your cat doesn’t take to their new bathroom space, this can bring on unwanted behavior issues such as eliminating outside of the box.

To avoid this, we carefully considered the design of the AutoEgg to make sure our automatic litter box appeals to the curiosity and accessibility of all cats. We chose an egg-shaped dome as it appears inviting and intriguing for most felines. We found the majority of kitties acclimate to it rather quickly and end up loving their new high-tech space in no time.

However, some felines are naturally more a bit more anxious and rather cautious when it comes to change. If your cat is very resistant to disruptions in their routine and doesn’t enjoy having to adapt, you might have to step in to help move the adjustment along.

There are many excellent litter training guides online (such as our acclimation tips article). Even so, adjusting your kitty to their new self-cleaning litter box does not have to be a headache.

We've put together some fun and creative ways to help your kitty fall in love with their new automatic unit while allowing you to engage and bond with your fur baby in the process. Give these ideas a go for a painless and successful litter box switchover. 

Cover The Automatic Litter Box In Cardboard 

Cat playing inside of a cardboard box

Ok, hear us out! If your kitty is not showing any interest in their new AutoEgg, one fail-proof way to spark their curiosity is with cardboard. Almost all cats obsess over new cardboard boxes in the home and will happily explore them. You can ‘trick’ your kitty into entering their automatic litter box by covering it with the original cardboard box it came in!

Cut an opening in the front of the box to reveal the entryway of the AutoEgg. You can also cut a gap to pull the plug through and another in front of the waste drawer. In this way, you can empty the waste compartment without removing the cardboard box.

Place Treats In And Around Your Automatic Unit

Another way to entice your furry companion to their new automatic litter box is with treats. If your cat is motivated by food, this hack is bound to bring success. 

Place your kitty’s favorite treats (the smellier, the better) around the sides, back, and front of the unit. When your cat goes to claim their snacks, without realizing, they will spread their scent on and around the box, making it seem more familiar and less scary. 

This might get your feline sniffing around the box, but they could still be averse to going inside. If that’s the case, you can put treats inside the box resting on one of the side panels so it stays clean. We wouldn't recommend this long term for sanitary reasons but it's a good first step to breaking the ice for your kitty. 

It may take a while before your cat builds up the courage to follow the smell and enter the unknown, so be patient. When they eventually step into the AutoEgg, praise your cat and offer lots of reassurance. 

With each time, they will start to associate entering the box with something positive. If your cat loves catnip, you can also try this technique using that instead of treats. 

Show Your Kitty With Affection After Every Use

Cut orange cat with a red neck tie cuddling with their owner

The positive association doesn’t just work well when training dogs; it is also an essential element with cat training and acclimation. Therefore, we suggest rewarding your cat after each time they use the AutoEgg, at least for the first 5 to 7 days. But, instead of seeing this as a draining training step, view it as a chance to spend more quality time with your cuddly kitty. 

Mix up the rewards by giving a combination of petting, cuddles, praises, playtime, and treats. Your cat will be overjoyed with this increased affection. They will feel so loved that they won’t be able to see their new self-cleaning litter box as anything other than a good thing. 

Use Playtime To Draw Your Cat To Their Litter Box

If your cat is acting afraid of the litter box and avoids the whole area, you might have more luck enticing them to that spot when they are ramped up in the middle of an intense play session. 

When cats play, they switch to hunting mode, which makes them more confident and less fearful. Start your play session away from the AutoEgg. Once your kitty is energetic and engaged, slowly move towards the litter box so they build up spatial comfortability with the unit.  

This works very well if you play with a dangling style toy such as the classic feather on a wand. A shoelace, tie, or dog leash also works perfectly. 

Have the hood off the AutoEgg and then draw the toy towards it. Start by bringing it around the box, getting your cat to run in circles. Then you can try to drape it over the sides so that your feline has to go onto the litter bed to catch it. 

This method is another smart way to spread your cat’s scent onto the box and familiarize them with it. Again, it might not bring immediate results. Still, you should start to notice less fear and avoidance of the automatic litter box if you stay consistent with it. 

Our Final Thoughts

We know it can be frustrating when your fur baby doesn’t take to a new product well. But, you can choose to see this challenge as an opportunity to strengthen your bond with your cat

Reacting with anger and shouting at your kitty to make them use their new litter box rarely works. Responding with love, compassion, and patience will create a much more pleasant environment for everyone. 

For additional tips on how you can get the most out of your automatic litter box feel free to reference our resources along with tips and tricks on our homepage.