The Ultimate Care Guide For Your Automatic Litter Box

Our Guide To Care

So you’ve taken the leap to join the ChillX family with your new AutoEgg self-cleaning litter box. Now you have your new high-tech automatic litter box, how can you best look after it? Keeping in touch with ongoing care can extend the working lifespan of your unit for years to come.

Like all electronic products, a self-cleaning litter box needs particular care to maintain optimal efficiency. While the AutoEgg doesn’t require a great deal of upkeep, there is some regular maintenance that you’ll need to familiarize yourself with going forward.

To make this as easy as possible, we’ve compiled a list of the AutoEgg’s standardized maintenance requirements, with a clear and concise explanation for each task.

Emptying The Waste Compartment

After every cleaning cycle, your cat’s waste is sifted into the storage compartment towards the end of the litter bed. You will need to empty the tray’s contents and replace the liner regularly. This space holds 2 liters, which is 3-6 days’ worth of waste for one regular-sized cat, depending on their litter box habits

Therefore, those with one cat will only need to empty the drawer once or twice a week. If you have two cats sharing the litter box, you’ll likely need to do this more frequently depending on how often they're using the bathroom.

Emptying the waste compartment couldn’t be easier. Simply pull out the drawer, remove the garbage bag with its contents, and then replace it with a new liner before closing things back up. All done! While we do offer biodegradable liners on our site any small plastic bag at home with work with the waste drawer just fine.

Checking Litter Levels And Topping It Up

One thing automatic litter boxes have yet to do is automatically top up the litter! However, ensuring the litter bed is appropriately full doesn’t take much effort overall. 

Thanks to the thorough cleaning of the horizontal raking system, only dirty litter is removed. This means all unused granules remain in the litter tray. While manual scooping can often be difficult in terms of separating the good from the not-so-good, automatic litter boxes are specifically designed to rake through and preserve clean litter. 

If you have just one cat using the litter box, you’ll only need to top up the litter once or twice a week at most. For convenience, we suggest checking the litter levels whenever you empty the waste drawer during the week. 

There are "min" and "max" lines on the inside of the box, showing you how much litter to pour in and maintain. It’s vital to follow these markers as filling above the max line can potentially damage the unit by putting additional strain on the motor. It can also make your cat more prone to kicking litter out of the box, increasing the chance of tracking and creating fall out. 

Deep Cleaning The Unit

Aside from the small regular maintenance tasks, you will need to deep clean the AutoEgg now and again. Most cat owners deep clean their AutoEgg every 2-6 weeks, depending on their cat’s litter box behavior. If your kitty doesn’t make too much of a mess, it should be sufficient to deep clean every 5 or 6 weeks. 

To clean the unit, you first need to disassemble it. But don’t worry, this couldn’t be simpler and only takes about 60 seconds. If it’s your first time taking the AutoEgg apart, check out our helpful walk-through video first.

Once you’ve dissembled the automatic litter box, you will need to empty the waste drawer and litter bed before cleaning all the essential parts separately. The components you can clean are: 

  1. Top Cover/Lid
  2. Waste Drawer Cover
  3. Waste Drawer
  4. Cleaning Rake
  5. Tracking Pad
  6. Litter Tray

How To Clean The All Parts

The good news is you don’t need any special cleaning products for this one. We recommend washing all these parts with mild soap and water only. Of course, if there is cat waste on any piece, it’s best to spray and wipe it with disinfectant to remove all bacteria and keep things safe. 

It’s vital to note that the base of the AutoEgg is NOT washable. However, if it’s dirty, you can gently clean it with wipes. Be careful when doing this, as the base contains the engine and the motor. If these components get wet, they could stop working entirely. 

If you find stray litter particles in the base, don’t attempt to remove them with wipes. Instead, tip the base upside down carefully, and they will fall out.

Wait until the parts are thoroughly dry before resembling the AutoEgg to ensure no moisture gets into any of the small cracks and crevices. Putting the unit back together is just as trouble-free as taking it apart; simply reverse the disassembly steps.

Changing The Litter

Whenever you deep clean the AutoEgg, you should also empty and throw away the old litter and refill it with fresh granules. There is really no need to do this any more than once every month or two, so keep it simple for yourself and combine these two maintenance tasks into one cleaning day.

Other Ways To Ensure Proper Care For Your AutoEgg

  1. To preserve your automatic litter box’s lifespan and prevent any problems, only use clay litter that clumps. Moreover, the AutoEgg works best with fast and hard clumping cat litters with smaller particles. 
  2. Put your unit on a firm and flat surface. This is because the cleaning function relies on the four gravity sensors on the bottom of the unit. We find it best to put the box on hard flooring such as wood or tiles rather than carpet. If you have to put it on the carpet, we recommend placing a hard mat underneath.
  3. Whenever you add litter or move the unit, unplug the power plug for five seconds and then plug it back in to re-activate the automatic self-cleaning function.

Final Thoughts

The AutoEgg comes with a 12-month warranty in the event of any issues that may arise. Keeping a close eye on the functionality and upkeep of your unit will ensure you're getting the best experience you can with your new AutoEgg! 

Proper care will prevent technical issues from happening and increase your unit’s lifespan, allowing you the peace of mind of a reliable clean for years to come.