The Quick Start Guide

Thank you for purchasing the ChillX AutoEgg self-cleaning litter box! This guide gives you the setup process and quick answers to common questions. For a fuller and searchable FAQ, visit it here.

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General Questions

How does the AutoEgg work?

Thanks to the four purrcise weight sensors with 0.03 oz (1g) accuracy, the AutoEgg performs automatic self-cleaning 5 mins after detecting the presence of 0.17+ oz (5+ g) of your cat's waste.

Main Features
• Automatic Self-Cleaning: 5 mins after detecting the presence of 5+ g (0.17 oz) of waste; Plus, self-clean every day at 3 & 9 a.m., and 3 & 9 p.m. in automatic mode.
• Weight Log: Records a log of date, time, duration, weight, and waste data for the last seven days
• Odor-Seal: Traps litter in the waste bin
• Ultra-Silent: Chill and sleep without disruptions

Does the AutoEgg come with an app?

No. All of the cat's health data is stored locally on the AutoEgg. The Health Log maintains up to 25 entires, automatically replacing them as the cat uses the AutoEgg.

What comes included with the AutoEgg?

Included in the AutoEgg box: 

• x1 ChillX AutoEgg Base 
• x1 ChillX AutoEgg Top Cover
• x1 Motor Base 
• x1 Cleaning Rake
• x1 Waste Bin
• x1 Waste Bin Cover
• x1 Litter Tray
• x1 Tracking Pad
• x1 Litter Scooper
• x1 Waste Drawer Liner Roll
• x2 Screen Cleaning Tool
• x1 10W USB Wall Charger with Type-C Cable

Does the AutoEgg require special litter?

The AutoEgg does not require expensive types of litter. It only requires the most common fast-and-hard clumping clay cat litter with small particles.

DO NOT use silica gel crystals, recycled paper, tofu, pine, corn, or wheat litter.

There's no universal best litter because there are varied cat breeds and behaviors. We recommend the highly-accessible Tidy Cats Instant Action (for better clumping) or 24/7 Performance Clumping Litter (for better odor control).

Does the AutoEgg need special bags or filters?

Nope! Regular grocery or trash bags will fit. We also offer perfect-sized 100% biodegradable/compostable liners!

Will the AutoEgg fit in my space?

The AutoEgg is a sleek and compact size of 30L x 19W x 17H in. (77L x 48W x 44H cm) and weighs 11lbs (5 kg).

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes. We proudly partner with the industry leader Affirm to provide you with a plan starting at $36 per month. You may qualify for an interest-free three-month plan.

Purrfect Fit

How do I acclimate my cat to the AutoEgg?

With the low step and an arching-opening hood, the box-shaped AutoEgg is the best litter box for your cats to investigate with natural curiosity. To expedite the process, we recommend placing the AutoEgg in the same location as the old litter box. Add a few cups of litter from the old litter box to help your cats feel more familiar with the AutoEgg. You may also need to place them inside the AutoEgg, to show them that it is safe.

Some furry friends can be more on the anxious side. If your cat refuses to enter the AutoEgg on their own, you may use it without the lid. Please take off the tracking pad as well to maintain the balance of the unit.

Will a larger cat fit in the AutoEgg?

Size and weight often have little to do with whether a cat will adopt the AutoEgg or not. The max load limit of the AutoEgg with litter and cat combined is 44 lb. (20 kg). As long as the cat can enter it, we do not have a weight limit for your cat. However, we recommend your cat weigh less than 15.4 lb. (7 kg).

If you find your cat is too big, you may use it without the lid. It's still functional. But please take off the tracking pad as well to maintain the balance of the unit.

Can kittens use the AutoEgg?

Kittens or cats should weigh at least 4.4 lb. (2 kg) to activate the self-cleaning after each visit automatically. 

Won’t somebody please think of the kittens? We do! Please place an object that weighs 4.4 lb. (2 kg) or more onto the AutoEgg base for 15 seconds, then the AutoEgg will perform self-cleaning four times every day at 3 & 9 am/pm, so it works for the kittens less than 4.4 lbs.

I have two cats or more cats. Is that okay?

We recommend one indoor cat per AutoEgg. It could work for up to two cats per unit, but you will need to clean the waste din more frequently.

Will the cleaning rake harm my cat?

No. With the purrcise weight sensors and Cat-Stuck Prevention function, the cleaning rake will not move while your cat is inside.

If the AutoEgg detects sudden weight above 0.5 kg (1.1 lb.), the Cat-Stuck Prevention function will be enabled, and the self-cleaning cycle will pause immediately. The AutoEgg will wait for 5 minutes before resuming. 


How often do I need to empty the waste bin?

It depends on the number, size, breed, and gender of your cats. For a single average-sized cat, you will need to empty it every 3 to 5 days.

How much litter should I put in the AutoEgg?

You should add litter when emptying the waste bin. For better tracking control and litter savings, add litter to the middle of the “Min” and “Max” line. Never fill the AutoEgg past the “Max” line. This can potentially damage the unit, as well as make the cat more prone to kicking litter out of the AutoEgg.

When do I need to deep clean the AutoEgg?

It depends on your cat’s behavior and your personal preference. We recommend deep cleaning every 2 to 6 weeks. Click here for a video guide to quickly disassemble for deep cleaning.

Shipping and Returns

Where do you ship to?

We offer free shipping to all states in the US, except Hawaii and Alaska.

We ship to Canada for a flat $65 shipping fee. Sorry, we don’t ship to other countries at the moment, but we are in the process of developing worldwide distribution. To get the latest updates, please subscribe our email in the footer of

How much is shipping?

We offer free We ship to Canada for a flat $65 shipping fee. Sorry, we don’t ship to other countries at the moment, but we are in the process of developing worldwide distribution. To get the latest updates, please subscribe our email in the footer of

What is the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee?

The 30 Day Money Back Guarantee covers a trial of the product for up to 30 calendar days after delivery date. We do not calculate in the shipping time to the customer during this period.

Reconditioned AutoEggs do not come with the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, but are covered under the same 12 Month Warranty as new units.

What is covered by the 12 Month Warranty?

We warrant the Original Retail Purchaser and no other purchaser or subsequent owner of the product. The warranty covers normal and proper residential use and defects in material or workmanship for one year from the purchase date.

We offer responsive and informative customer service. Most issues can be resolved with free replacement parts with free shipping, without the need to send us the AutoEgg. If a repair is required, we will provide free repair or a free replacement unit. Please note that the customer is responsible for the return shipping.

What is the Return Policy?

If you or your cats are not satisfied for any reason, return it postmarked within 30 days from the delivery date for a full refund of the purchase price.

You must obtain an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number. We do not accept responsibility for return shipments without an RMA number. To request one, contact us via email at (Responses usually come in 1-2 business days.)

We prefer the units returned in their original packaging. Our box is designed to cradle the unit to prevent any damage during shipping. Without the original box, we can't guarantee that more damage to the ChillX AutoEgg won't occur during shipping and handling.

We are able to negotiate on the customer's behalf to offer a $60 Return Shipping label (only applies to the lower 48 states of US) when using our original box.

Without the original packaging, the customer is responsible for the shipping costs which will typically range from $70 - $120, depending on where you live and what shipping service you choose. If you are providing your own shipping and packaging, please make sure to provide us the tracking number by emailing .

Should a customer attach our original shipping label to a return packed outside of the original box, they forfeit the $60 label cost and agree that the shipping costs removed from their refund.

Once the unit is received, it will be inspected for damage and functionality, with notations added to the order file. If the AutoEgg is missing parts or accessories, or damage is caused by improper shipping methods, these items base cost will be deducted from your final refund. 15% of the original purchase price will be deducted as a cleaning fee if it's not thoroughly cleaned.

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to limited staffing during COVID-19, our inspection process will take roughly 15 - 30 business days to complete once the unit is received. We have limited the number of staff in our returns office to keep our employees safe during this time.
Keep in mind that it may take your payment provider 10 business days or longer to deposit the money into your account.

Paw-ssible Troubleshooting

Why does the touch screen say "Self Test"?

The "Self Test" screen is an initialization screen. This is displayed when the AutoEgg is internally testing it's functionality- during which the AutoEgg's rake and motor housing will move to complete the test.
After the self-test, the cleaning rake will be moved back to the starting position if it is not already there.

If the cleaning rake is very close to the starting position but doesn’t touch the position reset button on the display side (reference video), there’s maybe too much litter on the back of the rake. Use the scooper to flatten the litter on both sides of the rake to make sure the rake can return to the starting position.

If the cleaning rake is in the starting position and the “Self-Test” page continues to display, the cleaning rake may be misaligned. Realign it by following this one-minute video guide.

Why is the touchscreen unresponsive?

The AutoEgg uses a capacitative sensor as a part of the screen. This mean that the screen responds to touch rather than magnetic fields or film overlays, like other touch screens. It is best practices to utilize a "long press" style touch when interacting with the touchscreen menus.

If the screen is not responding to longer presses, there may be some litter stuck in the display panel. Use a needle, thin strip of plastic, or a thin toothpick to remove the litter from the perimeter of the screen.
Then, gently press down on the four corners of the screen evenly, at the same time until the touchscreen functionality returns.

Why did the cleaning rake come off?

The rake was improperly attached to the motor base. 
To detach and reattach the rake, please watch this explanation and tutorial video.

Why won’t my AutoEgg perform automatic self-cleaning?

There are a few reasons, follow these steps to troubleshoot:

• Check your cat’s weight. The automatic cleaning after each waste deposited only works for cats above 2 kg (4.4 lb.). *If you have a kitten that weighs less than 4.4 lbs, power on your AutoEgg, then place any object above 4.4 lbs for 15 seconds to activate the four-time automatic cleaning throughout the day.
• Make sure the AutoEgg is placed on a hard and flat surface, is not touching a wall or other objects, and is a safe distance from air vents or high-power appliances.
Unplug and re-plug the power cord to reset the weight sensors whenever after you touch the AutoEgg (add litter, move the AutoEgg, or enclose the hood, etc).
• Check the two metal clickers inside the touchscreen side rail to make sure they are clickable. Unsure where they are? Check out this short video.
• Check that the cleaning mode is set to “Automatic” and not “Manual” in the settings menu.
• Press the “Sensor” button in the settings menu to reset the weight sensors.

How can I test if the automatic cleaning function is working?

Follow along with this short video tutorial:

• Make sure set the setting into "Auto Mode".
• Prepare two items: one to simulate a cat weighing 4.4 lb (2 kg) or more, and one to simulate waste (you can use the scooper).
• Unplug and re-plug the power cord to restart the AutoEggPut both items inside.
• Wait 10 seconds, and then remove the cat weight.
• Wait 10 to 15 seconds. The touchscreen should display the weight log.
• Wait 5 minutes, and the automatic cleaning should run.

There is a red light inside the rails. Is my AutoEgg broken?

No. That is a normal, usually unobtrusive light that indicates that the AutoEgg is receiving power to its internal components. We included this as a way to check for power as a balance against the touch screen as an indicator of power.

Why does the AutoEgg already have entries in the Health Log?

We test and record data  between 1-3 times in the factory or at the warehouse for quality assurance purposes.

Reconditioned Units do not have their Health Logs cleared, and will automatically clean as new entries are added to the unit.

What do I do if the display reads “Gravity Sensor Does Not Work”?

Check to see if the AutoEgg is on a level, hard surface. Please do not place the AutoEgg on carpets or uneven surfaces.

Place an object that weighs 4.4 lb. (2 kg) or more onto the AutoEgg base. Then, unplug and re-plug the power cord. 

Why is there poop behind the cleaning rake?

To ensure safety, the AutoEgg comes with the Cat-Stuck-Prevention function. If your cat enters before the cleaning rake moves back to the starting position, it will stop instantly and resume in five minutes. Your cat may enter the AutoEgg and excrete behind the rake during this period.

Why is the AutoEgg making a loud clicking noise?

Most likely, the cleaning rake was misaligned during shipping or due to an external force. Realign it by following this one-minute video guide.

How do I dissemble/reassemble the AutoEgg for deep cleaning?

To disassemble the AutoEgg, follow along with this handy video:

• Take Off the Top Cover
• Press “Reset” to Move the Rake to the End of the AutoEgg
• Rotate and Remove the Waste Bin
• Remove the Litter Residue on the Rake with the Litter Scooper
• Remove the Rake from the Base • Remove the tracking and Litter Tray
• Wash the Removable Parts 
• Dry Removable Parts Completely

To reassemble the AutoEgg, follow along with another handy video: 
• Insert the litter tray with the straight edge facing towards the waste bin.
• Reattach the rake to the motor housing. (Learn more with this video.)
• Snap in the waste bin cover above the waste bin.
• Replace the tracking pad.