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"Best Litter Box!" - Cosmo

ChillX officially won the Cosmo Pet Award!

After months of intense testing, COSMOPOLITAN magazine chose ChillX AutoEgg as the Best Litter Box (only selection in this category) on the market in the first annual Cosmo Pet Awards!

“This futuristic robo-box scoops poop and may or may not also be able to do my taxes. (Fine, it can’t, but I’m convinced it could learn by next April.)” —COSMOPOLITAN Pet Award Judge

How Does It Work?

Quieter Self-Cleaning

Safer Self-Cleaning

Deeper Self-Cleaning

Health Log & Alert

Saving You Money

No Fancy Litter Needed

Superior Dust & Odor Control

Compact and Lightweight

Fast Adoption

Minimized Litter Tracking

Easy Setup

Quick Cleaning & Reassembly

A Sleek and Modern Design

Happier Cats

Limited Edition Just In!

Money-Back Guarantee Plus Free Shipping

What if the ChillX AutoEgg doesn't quite meet your feline overlord's expectations? No worries!

Return it to us within 30 days, and get a full refund. Fur real! Policy details here.

97% of expedited orders will be delivered within 1-3 Days by FedEx from our three warehouse locations across the US.

If you place your order by 4 pm EST on weekdays, we'll ship out that same day!

The Most Purrfect Gift Ever!

Let's be honest, nobody likes to scoop. Help take the load off with a litter box that can do the work for you! The AutoEgg is the perfect gift for your family, friends, and feline companions!

Unboxing & Quick Start Guide

Furever Friday

Every cat deserves a home and a family that loves them.  

As part of the ChillX initiative to spread awareness for cats in need, we participate in Furever Friday. Furever Friday is a weekly series where we feature pictures, videos, and information for cats and kittens who are up for adoption.

All cats should get a chance at a forever family and here at ChillX we're happy to help. Follow our socials for weekly updates on new Furever Friday cats, and remember to share and tag your friends to help spread the word!

Always adopt don't shop!

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2078 reviews
Chill X dot come baby

I found just rolling the edge a few times and pushing them into place works the best. I suggest everyone and their mama buy these liners from the website

Stinky loves it

First winter in his life that Stinky, age 9, has not had a UTI. All the cats love it. The house is more peaceful - and it certainly smells better! This is one of the best things I ever bought even if it's used.

The best

This is the best catbox I've ever owned and I'm glad I bought it! It's so easy to assemble and so easy to clean up after my cat. I don't like having cats because of litter boxes but I got my service dog her own pet cat cause she loves cats and this litterbox makes me enjoy having her pet cat around. It doesn't smell like a cat in my house and is so easy to take care of. The people who give bad reviews are simpletons and probably can't follow directions. It's easy and very clean. I just wish they had a mat to match the dImensions of the egg shaped box.

Quick assembly

Quick assembly hassle free

gets the job done in style

Minimalist precision engineering, silent self-cleaning, effective purification of litter, gets the job done right.